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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-10 10:00:00

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Thoughts on Roman Reigns’ taking time off for his family and how other outlets covered the story so far?

I have nothing but respect for him putting his newborn children first.  It says a lot about the kind of man he is and I respect it.  I don’t concern myself with how other outlets cover stories. I know sensational headlines get clicks and that is the name of the game for a lot of outlets nowadays, not just in wrestling.

Is Roman reigns the most snakebitten top star in WWE history?  Roman’s rocket push to Wrestlemania 31 gets such a backlash that WWE has to course correct and use Seth Rollins’s Money in the Bank to book their way out of it.  The eventual first real run with the title has to end due to a wellness violation.  The Wrestlemania 34 match against Brock ends with Brock going over clean thanks to audience backlash.  When Roman does get the title off of Brock, he has to vacate it due to Leukemia.  And then when he’s about to challenge Goldberg for the title at Wrestlemania 36, he needs to pull out due to Covid19.  So I ask again, is Roman reigns the most snakebite new top star in WWE history?

No, not even close.  There were a lot of talents that had a ton of promise that never came close to achieving what Roman did.  I get your point here, but snake bitten to me is never getting close to the top when you deserve it, not having some roadblocks while you are there.

Why did Hogan-Flair at Wrestlemania 8 not occur? It's wrestling's greatest booking mystery. I don't buy Meltzer's reasoning of "Sid was promised the main event", as Vince breaks promises like most people change their underwear. I also don't understand why Vince would book Hogan/Flair on a 4-month house show loop before Wrestlemania 8 - and cool off his main event! Vince never did that with any other Wrestlemania main event program. 

At the end of the day, it’s pretty clear to me that Vince has always booked what he wanted to book and had he wanted to book Hogan vs. Flair, it would have happened (and Flair would have lost).  My take is that once he had the man from Crockett Promotions, he never wanted him to be seen as Hogan’s equal in the WWF.  Just look at what he did to Dusty Rhodes when he came in.  Dusty was the booker for the competition so he was given polka dots.  I have always felt that Vince cared more about Hogan being superior to Flair than making the money that a feud between them could have generated.  I think his goal was to send the message that the WWF was much better.

Lastly, why not have Hogan defeat Flair and retire as WWE Champion. It would be logical considering Hogan's dominance and a happy ending for the era. Flair had no problem jobbing to Hogan in WCW. If anyone deserved to go out on top, it was Hogan. Then, you can stretch out a WWF World Title Tournament for months over the slow post-Wrestlemania period. 

I stopped trying to figure out what goes through the mind of Vince McMahon long, long ago!

With WWE, AEW and Impact filming new, original, storyline-driven content during this pandemic, what do you think is preventing ROH, MLW and NWA from presenting new, focused, content? Financial? Logistics? Talent participation?

I think it’s a mix of them following the recommended health guidelines and not having a TV partner who wants them to continue doing broadcasts.  None of them air live (or at least live-is) like AEW or WWE do.

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