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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-08 10:00:00

Whatever happened to Simon Diamond?

He is retired and living in New Jersey, having great success as a realtor and raising his family.  He has worked as a Producer for the NWA in the last year.

With all the talk of creative writers being brought back, why has no one ever hired Matt Conway to come back to wrestling?

Great question.  I don't know the answer to that one as he was always given good marks as a creative person and as a writer when he was in Impact.  I know he currently works for a company his family owns and has had a family of his own in recent years, so perhaps he just wants to remain closer to home.  I am surprised WWE has never explored bringing him and Dave Lagana in as they were a good team in Impact and have since worked together in the NWA.

Why is the Jon Moxley movie not available in the United States on FITE?

The film has other distribution agreements domestically that prevent it from being streamed.

How can MLW go without taping TV?

We will see.  They have a massive archive of content from 2002-2005 that hasnt been seen in over a decade and they can always create new non-wrestling content.

What's the first wrestling show you will go to?

I live in NYC, and I expect it will be the last place to have restrictions lifted, so I honestly don't know if and when I'll go to another pro wrestling show.  If that means one person doesn't pass away, I'll happily give up going for the rest of my life, if we are going to be completely honest.

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