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By Paul Jordan on 2020-05-28 17:27:00

This week's updates for the Highspots Wrestling Network:

YouShoot: Shane Douglas

The one and only Franchise has strong opinions about everything from wrestling, to education, to the pharmaceutical industry, and lots more. Shane fields your questions and videos with the honesty and intesity that made him the captivating promo he was for years.

And he ain't done yet! Shane's plenty pissed at many, and opinionated about all. So The Franchise arrives at the citadel of outspokenness...

..the show for only the bravest in the business...YOUSHOOT!

Southern States Wrestling Mark Curtis Memorial 2001

Southern States Wrestling

Mark Curtis Memorial 2001

National Guard Armory - Kingsport, TN

May 12, 2001

-Battle Royal for TV Title Match

-TV Title Match Ray Idol vs. Allen King (c)

-Appalachian Title Porkchop Thomas (c) vs. Bryan Wayne

-Legends Match Ron West Ref - Hoot Gibson and Harry Fisher vs. Don Wright and Wayne Rogers

-Nationwide Tag Titles Death and Destruction (Roger Anderson & Frank Parker) w/ The Duke vs. John Noble and Eddie Browning (c)

-Hall of Fame Bill Canny, Ron West, Mel Johnson, Buddy Landel, Ken Bowles, Arn Anderson

-Nationwide Title Todd Morton vs. Bull Pain (c) w/ Scotty Ace

-Grudge Match Ricky Harrison w/ P.J. Sharp vs. Tracy Smothers w/ Scotty Ace

-Tim Horner and Cody Micheals vs. Terry Taylor and Buddy Landel

-Cage Match, Loser Leaves Town, Southern States Tag Titles Beau James and K.C. Thunder vs. The Batten Twins w/ Scotty Ace

SuperCard: King Kong Bundy

This is the series premiere of Supercard, which allows us to explore the biggest nights in wrestling as the stars of the show re-experience the night with us.

At the height of pro wrestling’s 1980’s explosion, the legendary Hulk Hogan was heading to the second Wrestlemania against a bohemoth, set to destroy him in a steel cage. A big, blue one, no less. That was all the setup needed for the fans to flock to 3 arenas, pay-per-view, and closed circuit screens. Join guest King Kong Bundy as he re-experiences this historic date with us.

The Opponent:

Hear Bundy detail his dealings with Hogan from the first time they grappled in Japan to this historic main event. Hogan was very giving to Bundy, offering to get color whenever they met.

The Angle:

It didn’t take much to pump up Wrestlemania 2, but you’ll go inside the build up, from the broken ribs on SNME to the house shows where they couldn’t touch until the big date!

The Shot:

Head to L.A. with Bundy and relive working atop the biggest show in wrestling history at the time!

Wrestling Open Forum: Episode 4

On this episode of the WOF Show Patrick and Dutch discuss fans questioning Progress Wrestling and their financials, Austin Theory's transition from one faction to another, the New Day breaking up, Cedric and Ricochet as super heroes, and much more. Enjoy!

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