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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-29 10:01:00

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I am in a debate with TNA / Impact Wrestling fans. I say that AEW in just 7 months made more money and is more profitable than Impact Wrestling has been in the past 17 years. (Ex: AEW TNT deal, 100K buyrates).  Am I right in that? What do you say?

Given both are private companies only they know for sure but given what I have been told by people in both companies, yes if I had a gun to my head and had be right I would say that AEW has done better financially thus far and I would be confident I would live.

I watched Drake Maverick's first reaction to him being fired from WWE twice. I can't shake the impression that he brilliantly and sneakily turns what seems like a genuine showing of emotions into a work in the end. The line about the stupid interim CWC tournament possibly being his last matches ever, for instance. Also: "If I don't win, that's it for me." Come on, as if he couldn't find work elsewhere. Do you think he's working the viewers here?

I think it was as genuine as anything in wrestling could be.  He loves the business and his dream was to make it to WWE, and he was just told he was being released.  Could he have had some hope it would resonate when he released it?  Maybe, but I don’t think it was all a work.

Rather then piping crowd noises since its visible we cant see people in the audience.  How about giving it a video game feel where they have music in the background with the announcers talking over it?

They would need the rights to the music to do that.  I guess they could but I actually have a different idea.  When I was watching the NFL Draft this weekend I loved how they had fans reacting to the picks in real time.  I would love to see them trying to do a wall of fans who react to the segment.  I think it’s worth a shot.

So WWE is allowed to film shows in Florida cause they are now deemed essential... I don't agree with it but whatever... so now they decide to have MITB in Connecticut?? Are they even allowed to?

Apparently, yes because they are doing it.  They can actually do it fairly safely if they make sure no one is around during the match.

A LOT has been written about how WWE has handled the virus situation, they have done some good and some bad but over all it looks like they are trying to mitigate contact given the situation, but doesn't it feel that AEW has totally disregard any guidelines other than having tapings in empty arenas. They have had multiple people around ringside in the last few week which disregards the gathering of 10 people and social distancing. They let a match continue where Britt Baker was busted open, then the whole Hangman Page and Jericho instances that you have spoken about. No matter what anyone thinks of the current situations in the world it’s not a good look, should Tony Kahn, TNT or one of their EVPs have to answer for this, It looks like they are just skating by with no accountability and WWE is taking the brunt of criticism.

If someone asks them, sure they should answer.  But unlike WWE, they are not a publicly traded company and a member of the Khan family hasn’t been part of a Super Pac that made a pledge of $18.5M in ad spending to the party of the Governor of Florida.  With that said, there are times WWE has more than ten people in the area as well.  I have counted.  What I have noticed with AEW is there are less than ten people in a specific area when the people are around the ring so you could ask what actual area is that can house ten people.  At the end of the day though, when the wrestlers are working, they are ignoring the most important aspect of criteria: social distancing.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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