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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-28 10:00:00

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I think we can all agree that professional wrestling is not an essential business at this time.  Can you explain the political reasons behind why the state of Florida has deemed WWE essential during a time when every other sports league in the world, not to mention all movie and television productions, have shut down?

The only legitimate reason I can give you is because the Florida Governor said so.  You may also ponder the timing of a Super Pac run by Linda McMahon pledging $18.5 million for ad spending for Governor DeSanitis’ party had anything to do with the declaration.  Orlando Weekly did.  You can read their thoughts by clicking here.

I was just watching Highlander and had a question for you.  They show a match with the Freebirds and Greg Gange, Jim Brunzell and I want to say the Tahiti Kid (I think) at MSG.  Where did that footage come from and did the AWA ever run MSG?

Not sure where the footage came from but the WWF has the exclusive on MSG back then.

Of all the WWE releases, who do you think will end up with Impact when everything gets back to normal?

There are some talents Impact would love to have, no doubt.  If I had to guess, EC3 would be at the top of their list.  He should be on AEW’s list as well. And MLW.  And ROH.  He was a wasted asset in WWE and has a ton to offer.  He is one talent I really see shining wherever he ends up.

Hey guys. So with WWE, NXT, and AEW still producing matches for shows each week, how is that financially helping them? There’s no ticket sales, no fans, no venue merch sales, nothing. From what I see it would be exactly the same as if there were nothing each week. I even see it as them potentially losing money as I think it cost extra to bring everybody in. Are the networks forcing them to tape new content each week? (Which I highly doubt as that would be extra stupid.) Like I don’t see what they are gaining out of all this. Is there something I’m missing?

Yep, you are missing the most important revenue driver for WWE and AEW, TV revenue rights.  They get paid to product the content.  WWE will definitely be fine through all of this because of their TV rights fees.  I can’t say for sure that AEW will since they are privately held but everything I have been told by people in the company is that they will be as well.

I have seen some people say some crazy things to you on social media.  What is the craziest thing someone has ever said there?

Well, it was actually something that happened recently.  There was a guy who was clearly being a troll on a friend of mine’s Facebook page and he also tried to troll me.  I had enough of him so I just deleted my comments and blocked him.  This drove him nuts and he went on social media and tried to disparage myself and the site.  But that isn’t the worst part.  The worst part was he sent my wife a Facebook friend request!  He also sent her a long email telling me he was worried about my mental health, as if we were friends. In truth, I knew him a little bit from back when he was a fan at the ECW and probably never said more than ten words to him because I saw him as I just saw him as a wannabe goof, and him emailing my wife BS like that proved I was right.  You have to be a different kind of loser to email someone’s wife because you were blocked for trolling on Facebook.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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