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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-24 10:00:00

Is there an update for the people that were supposed to go into the Hall of Fame this year?

Yes, the tentative plan for that is Summerslam weekend, according to Davey Boy Smith's daughter Georgia.  Obviously, given the state of the world, that is all subject to change.

I was well aware of their, ahem, foibles beforehand, but after watching their talking head interviews in several episodes of Dark Side of the Ring, what do you honestly think would happen if Vince Russo and Jim Cornette were locked into a room together?

The following would happen, in order:

*Vince Russo would do everything humanly possible to get out of the room.

*Jim Cornette would get rightfully arrested for violating the order of protection Russo placed against him for saying mean things on a podcast.  I don't know that Jim would care, but if he violated the protection, he'd have to be arrested.  That's the law.

*Cornette would then go on to sell signed copies of the arrest report at to raise even more money for charity, as he did with the arrest report.

Did the WWF/E ever financially support Darren Drozdov after he was paralyzed?

Droz was by all accounts, paid the remainder of his contract and stayed on for some time with WWE, writing columns for them as well as being a personality on their Byte This online series.  It is also known that they came to a financial agreement with Droz that covered their legal and financial obligations to him.  That was noted in a stockholder filing years ago, with the amount obviously being confidential.

So is the grand Gronkowski experiment officially over? His WrestleMania hosting gig ultimately amounted to nothing (especially since they just had Titus O'Neil take over for him in the end). It seems like whenever they hotshot a crossover athlete like Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury, it feels like it ultimately amounts to nothing (with the exception of Ronda Rousey, of course).

Of course it isn't over.  No matter what happens with Tampa Bay, where he will soon be playing for the NFL, he has to defend the 24/7 title!

With FS1 and ESPN showing so much of their content, wouldn't it have been prudent for the WWE during these shows to do some character building to possibly bring in some new fans?

No, I don't.  If we knew that the shows were bringing in a few million viewers, I could see your point.  Wrestlemania on ESPN was there to give some marquee content to ESPN while also promoting Mania 36.  The FS1 shows were to help their partner, FOX, fill some programming holes.  I don't believe the shows would have helped get anyone over because they weren't being seen in massive numbers.  The character building stuff, such as Jeff Hardy's recent documentary content on Smackdown, needs to be where the most people can see it.  That's USA and FOX in my opinion.

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