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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-21 10:00:00

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I was surprised to read that Ronda Rousey is still under WWE contract and it goes through 2021. It seems like WWE is either working an angle to bring back Rousey into the fold, or she has gone off on her own with her recent comments. The only thing that would seem odd to me is her comment that wrestling has "fake fights". For one, she would be disparaging the place she still works for and everyone there, and two, she participated in those "fake fights". And with Nia Jax's response, who knows if other WWE wrestlers are in on the plan if it is indeed to work an angle for her return. So what's your opinion? To me, it just makes Rousey look bad because this isn't the first time she has been on the defense during interviews. She's never been able to talk about her UFC loss without showing thin skin.

One, she was a heel when she left.  Don’t forget that.  Two, they ARE fake fights.  Real fights are when someone tries to win.  And don’t forget, Ronda worked very hard for WWE and has put over the talents many times.  I think people are getting roped in and WWE is fine with them doing so.  It’s publicity.

What do you make of the Florida mayor's response to the WWE being an essential business? No disrespect to WWE, but they are not. People can live without live weekly WWE programming. There is the WWE Network, after all. People cannot live without first responders, businesses that offer food and supplies, etc. It's almost a slap in the face to those who are making those sacrifices in my opinion. Do you think it's politics since Florida is still owed a Wrestlemania? And what about WWE employees and wrestlers? Now they have to work a schedule more closely to their normal ones instead of a scaled back one with taped programming. That's a sacrifice in itself, but it's an unnecessary one. 

I think WWE is really lucky that the Performance Center is in Florida, instead of a state that would have shut them down already.  No, I don’t think WWE is an essential business, not by a long shot.  And not for nothing, I think it’s ridiculous that they allow people that have not been in quarantine for two weeks to touch each other without being tested every single time they work a match as well.  I am with you, the people on the front lines are necessary.  And is it political?  Absolutely.

So you don't see WrestleMania over two days going forward, but I did enjoy the fact that it was 4 hours instead of 7 plus. How could WWE address the issue of the length of WrestleMania going forward if not having it over two days?

They could shorten the Sunday show, that’s about all they can do if it stays one day.  It’s up to Vince to do that and he likes the looooong show.  I am with you, I prefer a shorter show as well.

Since this empty arena thing, I've found Raw and to a lesser extent Smackdown to be leaner and more enjoyable. They've had less fluff, more serious and intense promos, more matches that are longer, more storyline development and more diversity each week instead of the same people in the same matches week after week. Do you agree? Is it that they've made changes because there are no fans or were they already heading in this direction? And do you think they can/will maintain it even after everything is back to normal and fans are allowed back in the arena?

I feel exactly the opposite of you.  I feel like the shows are directionless and largely boring.  I think it’s odd that the performers are forced to play to fans that aren’t there. I hate the silence of the shows.  And not for nothing, at this time I would much rather have levity than seriousness.  AEW has been much better, to me, at providing me an enjoyable release than Raw or Smackdown have been.  

I thought you were totally wrong when you said WWE should pipe in noise to the empty arenas. Now I think you may be right. Why don’t they try it?

In a word, Vince.  He sets the tone for the company and unless he thinks it’s a good idea, it won’t happen.  And to be clear I am not saying I would love an audience track but the sterile presentation just makes the show hard for me to watch and get into. 

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