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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-20 10:00:00

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No one wants to see anyone lose their job, but haven't roster dumps been an annual thing after Wrestlemanias in the past?

Annual?  No.  They have happened but not annually and given how much money WWE upped their TV rights fees by last October, they wouldn’t have happened this year either were it not for the virus.

I am sure you guys have seen a lot of ECW shows in person and I know ECW has had a lot of OMG moments for the day.  Has there been a time you were watching it live and you saw something happen and you went to yourself like WOW, now that was impressive even by ECW "standards"?

Sure, lots of times!  That is what made it ECW, the great work and booking made for many of the moments, on a pretty consistent basis.

With the mainstream success of the boneyard match paving the way for more cinematic matches in the future my intrigue falls on The Undertaker. Does having this successful match pave the way for an even longer career than the already long and seemingly endless career he has had at this point? Could you see a scenario where as long as he still has the look and aura he could come out 4 weeks a year build the match and then have a cinematic match for the next 10 or so years similar to how the latter half of the 2010s was one and done matches to prolong his career?

You found it more successful than I did I guess but to your point, it’s a good one.  It would be a good way to make use of him as he ages, especially when the future of live crowds is so uncertain right now. 

Does NXT loop talent have a downside in their contracts as they of all WWE talent are the ones most financially impacted by the current environment as they aren't working at all?

It depends on the talent.

I saw the Ring of Honor match between Do FIXER and Blood Generation that Mike posted on the site, and to me, it was amazing. My questions revolve around the audience during this bout. I've only seen a handful of ROH matches, and I understand that ROH prides itself on "honor". The audience during this match was respectful, and there were minimal chants, lots of paying attention to the in-ring work, and clapping. First question: Does the ROH audience/fanbase always show this level of respect for the matches/wrestlers? Second question: Is this part or the ROH mentality with the "honor" part being reflected by the audience as well? Third question: Knowing that this match was from 2006, was the respect shown more reflective of the times, where the audience was less about making the show about themselves as compared to more recent times? And final question: Does the ROH audience still show this respect or have they become more like the audience we see and hear in WWE, NXT, and AEW?

In order, yes, yes, it was one of the principles upon which ROH was founded and largely yes.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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