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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-19 10:00:00

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While it’s understandable the reason behind the WWE releases, why the 90 day no compete clause during these difficult times? Are they getting paid for those 90 days? If not, it would be very cruel on Vince’s part to not let them earn a buck with AEW, should they want to work.

As Ryback explained on his podcast, it depends.  If someone is at the start of their deal and hasn’t made it to their downside figure yet, yes they would get paid for 90 days or until they hit the number. If they already have hit that yearly number, they would be held up and not get paid any more (unless WWE decided to pay them).

Also, which of the released talents, most of the badly used in WWE, would you think will shine somewhere else?

I won’t pick out names because I don’t want to slight anyone.  I will just say this, there are a lot of quality workers who are now available for hire.

When facing a Money in the Bank cash in, why doesn't the champion simply get themselves disqualified? As far as I know, it's not a no disqualification match. it never made sense to me why this was never explained when MITB started.

That is one of the many facets of the briefcase that I hate.  If it’s a babyface WWE would have you believe that isn’t what they would do but why not, when someone is capitalizing on them when they are hurt?  Yep, I have hated the MITB concept for a while now and that is just another reason why.

I had a question related to the cuts the WWE made the other day. Someone mentioned that the WWE could still make a profit this year, but I’m not sure that’s true. Still, how far out do they book venues for shows?  Have they booked shows for 2021? If not, they are basically running as a TV show like Impact and AEW. They would no longer be a touring company if large gatherings aren’t allowed next year. With their TV deals, the network, streaming rights for ESPN and FS1, merchandise, and ad revenue, can they make a profit next if they cut their budget to accommodate an end to touring? Then, all they are losing is potential ticket sales for their TV shows. Thoughts? 

Keep one thing in mind, house shows haven’t meant much to the bottom line for a while now.  PPVs and TV taping houses are good though, so they will lose revenue for sure as long as they can’t run.  With that said, their still new TV deals pay way more than the old deals did, WAY more.  They also still have Network revenue.  They should be flush with cash this year and be profitable unless somehow they start getting paid much less on their TV deals.  That is why I thought cutting people loose so quickly really didn’t need to be done at that point.  But, it’s not my money.  It’s Vince’s.

Also, do you think AEW will sign any of the talent cut? I’m not sure if they are financially able to during these times. It would make sense to reunite Rowan with Luke Harper. It would be cool to see Gallows and Anderson in AEW to feud with Cody and Dustin and the Young Bucks. But can they afford to? And was WWE counting on talent not being signed away during this time when they decided to make cuts...with the hopes of signing some back.

I think they absolutely will sign at least some of the released talent, absolutely.  WWE let a lot of quality wrestlers go and some will really resonate well with the AEW fan base.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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