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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-17 10:00:00

I saw Roman Reigns recently announced he and his wife are pregnant with twins.  Didn't you report they just had twins?

It's the same twins.  Roman talked about expecting them in an interview with Muscle & Fitness that was just published.  We had reported several weeks ago he and his family welcomed the kids back in February.  That is believed to be one of the factors that led to him pulling out of Wrestlemania 36.

Was Kassius Ohno released this week?  That seems to be a rumor making the rounds?

We are told that as of yesterday, he was still officially listed as part of the WWE roster.

I have tickets to Summerslam in Boston.  Should I be expecting a refund?

WWE hasn't announced the status of the show.  They are at the whim of the local government when it comes to what is going to be allowed in terms of gatherings in Boston.  My advice is to not keep your hopes up and wait and see.

Do you think there's any chance of WWE instituting a Finkel Award as part of the WWE Hall of Fame for announcers?

I think that would be an amazing, awesome idea.  I don't know if there's any plans for such a thing, but I'd really love it.

Do you think WWE will do a ten bell salute to Finkel when they resume live events?

I don't know that they will beyond honoring him at TV this coming week, but I really think that a moment or silence or a ten bell when they return to Madison Square Garden would be beyond deserved and appropriate.

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