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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-14 10:00:00

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How come WWE admitting someone got covid 19 is not getting more attention? 

I don’t know if it did or it didn’t get enough attention but with all of the people getting it around the world, there’s only so much that can be covered.

Do you think that Ronda Rouseys / Nia Jax’s recent comments are worked and the start of an angle to bring her back? 

I don’t get the point of bringing her back now in front of no people. I guess we will see down the road.

Hi, do you know of any reason, or can you find out, what is happening with nxt on uk tv. I had it scheduled to record on Wednesday night but it cancelled itself and now it's not on the WWE network by 2.30pm (GMT) on Saturday?

Yep it’s been pushed back.  We reported on it over the weekend.  You can check it out by clicking here.

I just watched The Darkside of the ring episode of the brawl for all and the question popped in my mind.  Could the Brawl for All have gotten over if it wasn’t a shoot?  Same concept, same tournament, same rules for the fights, but let the Raw audience know all the shoot backgrounds of the competitors and why they’re legit tough guys and make every fight a work?  That way, Dr. Death Steve Williams would’ve won the whole thing as originally planned.  But with all that said, would a worked Brawl for All have gotten over in 1998 and beyond?

Given how badly it went at the time, I couldn’t see making it a work having it go any worse than it possibly did.  So yes, they should have worked it.

Shortly before social distancing took full effect and every sports league shut down, Hangman Page was drinking multiple beers with the crowd and Jericho was openly dismissing the seriousness of the coronavirus situation.  Since then they have (rightfully) changed their tune, but did their early disregard for the situation tarnish your thoughts on how they view and give advice about the current pandemic?

I ripped them at the time for doing that.  It was ridiculously stupid on their part to do what they did, no doubt about it.  Jericho did later acknowledge he was wrong, but that doesn't excuse the initial dismissal.

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