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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-13 10:00:00

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Any insight on the Taz Show and whether it will return? He mentioned in his last few episodes that 2020 will see him change a lot of things regarding work. He obviously now has obligations with AEW, but hopefully there are plans for him to do the shows on the side.

In its old CBS form?  Not at the moment.  I think it will return if a good partner steps up and makes it worth his while.  Money talks, and that makes perfect sense to me.

There been a lot of foul language lately on WWE. In the two Wrestlemanias alone, we here "s**t" dropped twice without being censored, and quite a few times the word "b***h" said by the wrestlers. So what's changed in WWE? I understand the need to show aggression, but sometimes there were just said passively, like when the Vince McMahon puppet said "s**t" during the Firefly Funhouse match. Also, do you think that the wrestlers always have used foul language in the ring, and we're only able to hear it more clearly now that there are no crowds?

They are just trying to compensate for no crowd.  Adding in swearing makes the matches have a greater feeling of animus to them.  Plus don’t forget, Mania was on the Network and PPV, not on their TV partners.  They can get edgier there.

I see that AEW always beats NXT in the Wednesday ratings. Do you think a major part of that is that if people want to watch both but have to choose between the two, they will always choose watching AEW live because they can just watch NXT the next day or later in the week?

I think the element of watching the show, commercial free, the next day on the WWE Network definitely has some affect on the ratings.  It allows fans of both shows to watch AEW on Wednesday and then enjoy NXT without commercials on Thursday.  With that said, NXT got the win, by a slim margin, last week in overall viewership.

With The Revival's departure from WWE and them changing their ring names, I was wondering how much a wrestler needs to change in order to not breach a trademark. Would they be able to call themselves "The Revivalists" elsewhere, or because "Revival" is in the name, they wouldn't? Also, say Alexa Bliss" departs. Would she be able to mix her real name in and call herself someone like "Lexi Bliss" or remix her name and call herself "Alexis Bliss"?

Look at Cody, he can’t even use the Rhodes last name!  So no, if they called themselves the Revivalists I bet they would be in court.  And that is what it comes down to, does WWE want to litigate for use of a trademark.  I am confident if Alexa left WWE and showed up as Lexi Bliss in AEW, the would hear from WWE Legal. 

I just heard a local sports anchor say, and I quote, people are shocked to hear that the XFL is suspending operations. He was totally serious. Should he be fired?

It depends on the market I guess.  Anyone that knows anything about sports and business knew that the XFL was fighting a steep uphill battle for survival.  If that person thinks people are shocked that the XFL has suspended operations, he may want to look into a new career.

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