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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-11 10:00:00

Is there an update for the people that were supposed to go into the Hall of Fame this year? Are they officially in?

WWE has referred to JBL at a Hall of Fame member-elect, so they aren't being considered future HOFers from an "official" perspective until the Hall of Fame ceremony, whenever that may be, but really, who are we kidding, they are technically in since they were announced.

Is there anything you'd like to see WWE change about the WWE Hall of Fame?

There is one small thing I think WWE could do from a human perspective.  I feel that when they add names to their Legacy Hall of Fame, they should reach out to the families of those being inducted, if there are any family members still alive, for several reasons.  One, I've heard from members of the families of names who have been added to the Legacy Wing who had no idea until we reported they were being added, which isn't really fair to the family, because they might have wanted to be there when the announcements were made, even if they are just a video package.  I feel that WWE could invite them to come and stand in the audience or come on stage to be acknlowledged in honor of the recepient.  At the very least, WWE could send a plaque or a ring.  It wouldn't cost the company much but would go a long way towards the families of those inducted.  There's no way the family of, picking random names here, Cora Combs or Hiro Matsuda wouldn't appreciate such a gesture.

I'd also like to see WWE adopt whoever is left from the old WCW Hall of Fame and pull them into the Legacy wing as well.

Do you think Jushin Liger will be able to attend the HOF when it happens?

I have no idea.  I think we, first, have to see when this ceremony actually takes place and secondly, see what the state of international travel and how travelers will be dealt with when they enter the country.

At WrestleMania 4, how come the WWF never did the rematch between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat since they were both in the one-night tournament?

You have asked a question I wondered quite a bit in 1988.  The only theory I have is that they wanted to keep it traditional babyfaces vs. heels for the biggest show of the year and make sure the focus was on Randy Savage.  It would have been nice to see them reprise what remains one of the best matches of all time.

Been going back and watching old episodes of Mid-South Wrestling on the WWE Network. I really was impressed by Hacksaw Butch Reed in his feud with Ric Flair back in 1985. That guy had so much charisma and mic skills. What has Butch Reed been up to these days?

He lives in the Kansas City area last I was told.  He's retired and still does signing appearances at conventions.  He did some rodeo after leaving pro wrestling.

I was wondering if you think WWE is pissed with Roman Reigns.  There's been no mention of him since before Wrestlemania.

I can't imagine they aren't upset with him, but there's no way they are going to acknowledge that.  WWE is in a no win situation with Roman.  They won't want to bring attention to the fact he's not there.  That serves no purpose. They are best served to not say anything about the situation.  What can they say?  I think everyone  but the most obtuse fans who don't realize that Roman, as someone who has battled Leukemia and has two young infants at home, made the absolute right call for his own personal well being.

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