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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-10 23:14:00

Although WWE initially planned to tape all of their April and early May TV in advance over the next several days, has confirmed that there have been changes made to that plan over the last day and as of tonight, most of the plans have been thrown out altogether.

WWE had planned to pre-tape episodes of Raw on Sunday and Monday, but that idea has been dropped and going forward, Raw will be broadcasting live from the WWE Performance Center.  The decision to go live weekly was made this afternoon but had been in play over the last 24 hours.

While tonight's episode of Smackdown was taped in advance, the plan going forward is to broadcast that live on Fridays on FOX as well. has not confirmed whether the live weekly live broadcasts will include WWE NXT, which was slated to tape material tomorrow.  One source believed they would also go live, but we have not confirmed that to be 100% correct.  [Update 11:30 PM EST - NXT is indeed going live weekly as well.]

WWE talents began arriving on Wednesday in Orlando for tapings that would have brought the company through the week of next month's Money in the Bank PPV, taping five weeks of Smackdown (through 5/8) and four weeks of Raw (through 5/4), NXT (through 5/6), 205 Live and Main Event.  Instead, talents will be traveling to Orlando weekly. 

One would think this would mean the 2020 MITB PPV will also take place live as well.

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