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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-10 12:56:00

WWE has been and will continue to tape a ton of content over the next several days at the WWE Performance Center, taking the company (if all works out as planned) all the way through to the Money in the Bank PPV. 

Similar to Wrestlemania, the company brought in a number of talents and have them all sequestered in one hotel that the company has taken over, and will tape all their material in waves to insure they follow CDC standards under the current environment.   Talents began traveling in Wednesday AM with local talents who live in Florida driving directly in for tapings. 

We are told that WWE will be taping content for future episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, 205 Live and NXT and that the company will change the ropes, turnbuckles, canvas and aprons in between matches as well as do a complete sanitizing of the PC to insure talents are kept healthy.  All talents and staff have to be cleared by medical personel before they are allowed to enter the PC, need to wear facemasks whenever they are not on camera and must practice social distancing, with the only exceptions being when they are putting matches together or performing.

In some cases, they will be doing as many as 4 episodes, although one would expect WWE will continue to intersperce new material with classic PPV bouts. 

Once the tapings are done, WWE will have time to strategize and plan for their next move.

The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore announced yesterday that Money in the Bank was officially canceled, so one would assume the WWE PC will be the new location for that show.  WWE has not commented on where and when the show will take place.

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