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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-10 10:00:00

In watching the Dark Side of the Ring Brawl for All documentary, Jim Cornette acts like Bart Gunn KOing Steve Williams cost WWE millions, but I don't remember Dr. Death ever really being a big deal in WWE.  Am I wrong?

No, the reality is Williams hadn't had a chance to click in WWE the way he had elsewhere and he never really did take off.  Getitng KO'd in the tournament hurt the aura of toughness that he had (which was 1000000% legitimate, as he was one of the toughest men ever in pro wrestling) and he never really rebounded from that here in the United States.  The idea of Williams vs. Steve Austin, on paper, certainly would have been something special inside the ring if they were both healthy, but would it have meant as much or more than Austin vs. Rock or Mick Foley, etc.  We'll never know.

It was stated that the tournament was pitched specifically to see JBL knocked out.  Since it was admitted as such, wouldn't you say John Layfield has a hell of a lawsuit against WWE or even Vince Russo?

No.  One, Layfield chose to fight.  He didn't have to.  Two, he continued to fight.  He didn't have to.  Three, to sue you'd have to show damages and I don't see how he could show them all these years later.  

Do we know how many episodes WWE is filming of TV this round?

We have heard between 4-5 weeks, depending on the TV series.  I don't have confirmation on how many as I write this.  It's been a very fluid situation with a lot changing day to day, but the idea is, in a perfect world, to get done with everything through Money in the Bank and go from there when they tape again.

Will Money in the Bank still be a live PPV?

Honestly, if I am WWE, I just tape the show in advance and hope spoilers don't get out and be done with it.  The sooner they have everything taped and they can give everyone a chance to go home and rest and not have to travel, the better in my opinion.

UFC's Dana White talking about wanting to have a Fight Island to broadcast fights you think perhaps he was watching the old Steve Austin "The Condemned" where they put all the convicts on the Island to fight each other and see who survives?    Do you think WWE could want to do something similar, perhaps a month where they film in some crazy environment?

For the sake of the UFC fighters, I hope White doesn't want to make it like The Condemned.  

As far as WWE doing such an idea, in a perfect world, sure, but right now, with international travel leading to quarantines and such, that alone Ieads me to believe it's not such a great idea.

Do you think all the coronavirus stuff could lead to WWE eventually requiring all talents to live in one State or market so they are readily accessible in case of a future emergency like this?

It's possible, but not likely.  WCW used to require a good portion of their company to live in the Georgia area.  I don't see WWE forcing everyone to move to one area, however.  When they are signed to developmental, they are required to be in Florida but after they are called up, after a certain period, they are given the blessing to move to where they wish to live.  I don't see them rescinding that permission when you have talents who own property already.

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