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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-07 10:00:00

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I was able to use the first night of WrestleMania as an escape.  I saw on your Facebook page that you felt the exact opposite and the empty crowd was a four hour reminder to you of the situation the world is in with the Coronavirus.  I understand how you feel that way but was surprised that some people attacked for feeling that way.  What is wrong with people?  Why can’t they respect someone else’s view, especially when that view is understandable?

I wish I had the answer, I really do.  I never said anything bad about someone enjoying the show.  In fact, I was happy that they could do so.  There are just so many people that lose their minds when people don’t agree with their opinions anymore.  I have always been someone that never concerned myself with that so I don’t understand why some people are so thin skinned.  Who cares if I like something and you don’t?  It’s all good.  Some people really need to chill, especially when they ignore when I say things like I appreciate what WWE tried to do by having Mania in the first place and my compliments to the talent for how hard they all worked.

Did you see what Bill Maher did with his monologue this week, adding a laugh track?  If not, you should watch it, I thought of what you were saying about WrestleMania.

I did see it and I thought it was great.  I love Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel but since the virus hit, the monologues can be painful at times.  It’s not their fault.  We are used to hearing people laugh when jokes are told.  Conversely, when a comic is bombing live, it sends a different message.  It feels that way when there is no reaction to what the comics say so I loved what Maher did, right down to showing film of a 50s studio audience.  I wish AEW and WWE would pipe in something for their shows.  I know some people say they think hearing crowd reactions would be stupid since no one is there.  I can see that, even though I wouldn’t mind given the circumstances.  So just pipe in ambient noise, something to kill the silence.  I would really appreciate that.

Why would anyone pay $59.99 to watch Wrestlemania on Fox Sports App when they can just pay $9.99 or nothing for first month to watch it on WWE Network. The devices that have Fox Sports App would also have WWE Network App?

I’ve got nothing, I really don’t.  Like you said, if they are buying it on the FOX app or FITE, why not just either get it for free or pay 10 bucks on the WWE app.  It makes zero sense to me.

Do you think WWE made WrestleMania available via FOX Sports and the FITE app as a way of gauging if people would buy the shows again on PPV, as part of trying to sell them to an OTT?

It could be.  I think part of it is that they put it out there because any money they get from it is a bonus, especially since, as we said above, people could it for free or cheaper on the WWE Network.

I watched DreamMatchMania where they had the video game simulator have wrestlers face each other with wrestlers or personalities doing commentary.  I thought it was entertaining (especially  Big E vs Goldberg match).  Could WWE do something like this to fill RAW and SmackDown if they can’t tape any new content? Or has it been discussed?

I can’t say if it has been discussed or not but I would think that if can’t tape first run content, they would consider something like that to fill time.  I also think if we get to that point, they should also consider airing Network content, like the excellent Drew McIntyre and Edge documentaries that dropped this weekend.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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