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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-06 10:00:00

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I remember when WCW Saturday Night was on, it would start @ 6:05 ET (just like how all of the late night talk shows start @ :35).  Fast forward to now & all of the wrestling shows start @ 8:00 ET.  Why is/was that they start @ 5 past the hour instead of on the dot? 

Back in the day, Ted Turner did that to make TBS seem different.  If I remember correctly he also was trying to get people to stay on TBS past the normal hour when they would switch channels (back when that was a think). The talk shows still start late because local news runs longer. That is a big money maker for the local stations.

What was the story regarding Triple H replacing John Laurinaitis as WWE Head of Talent Relations back in 2012? Was it that Triple H was gaining more power behind the scenes as he was apparently not a fan of big guys and eye candy?

It was more Triple H had a vision for the talent he wanted to develop for the future for WWE.  Don't blame Laurinaitis for what he delivered to WWE.  He was giving Vince McMahon what he wanted.

Have you heard about WWE shooting different finishes for the major matches as a way to avoid any actual WrestleMania spoilers? Given that it was pre-taped and pre-produced it seems like a no brainer for me. Just curious if that’s something they have done/talked about doing? Love the site, thanks for everything!

I have not.  I haven't heard much about the finishes of any matches.  There are so few people who know what they are due to the 10 person rule that it would be professional suicide for anyone to talk about it.

Are Brodie Lee's boardroom vignettes a shot at Vince McMahon's well-documented aversions to people sneezing and yawning during meetings?

I don't see any way that they aren't.  It seems pretty clear to me. 

Would it be wise for AEW to pre-tape several weeks of TV in anticipation of a potential forced stoppage, similar to what WWE has done with Wrestlemania and their next week or 2 of TV?

At this point, both WWE and AEW should tape as much content in advance as they can.  The way the virus is spreading, they can’t take for granted that they will be able to keep doing shows.  As I have said a few times now, every time someone wrestles they are violating the social distancing directive.  At some point someone is going to notice that and call for them to stop one would think.  And that’s if they are even allowed to continue to do matches in the first place.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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