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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-04 10:00:00

There has been A LOT of criticism of WWE holding empty arena shows with wrestlers and a limited crew amounting to more than 10 people but on the 4/1 episode of AEW Dynamite the still had around 8 wrestlers acting as fans. They had commentators, crew and the performers in the ring, that is way more than the 10 people directive the government has given. My questions is why is AEW above criticism?

I don't think they have been.  It's been brought up here on the site in audios.   It's been pretty obvious that after the first week, there were far less people involved and at tapings.  

How are WWE going to handle taping going forward with the Florida shut-down order?

That is an interesting question and honestly, we've asked a number of people in the company and if there is a plan in place, it's being kept very close to the vest.  No one knows yet that we have heard.  This Monday's Raw and Wednesday's NXT are taped, so the first show they have to worry about is the 4/10 Smackdown.  I would think they are working on a plan now, but what it might be has yet to reveal itself, even to those pretty high up in the company that we speak to regularly.  Stay tuned.

What about AEW?

AEW moved their TV to Georgia this past week and taped a lot of content in advance prior to Dynamite as well as the day after.  I have heard they taped somewhere in the area of 23-30 matches so they will have content they can use, if they need to, well into May.  If something happens where they can go live regularly, they can do so and shift that content to be used in other places.  But, Dynamite is set for some time to where they will air weekly without an issue, especially if they incorporate content talents send in themselves.

Why did WWE just ignore that Braun is replacing Roman on Smackdown - if you blinked, you REALLY missed that.  What the hell?

We don't know what will air on Wrestlemania.  The show could open up with Roman expaining why he pulled out of the match.  But, I do agree that the 10 second reference to the new match on Smackdown last night wasn't fair to viewers who were invested in seeing Roman vs. Goldberg.  

Why Braun in the match anyway?  The dude just lost to SAMI ZAYN and I am supposed to take him seriously against Goldberg?

Have you seen Braun?  I have stood next to the man when I interviewed him once and he's a monster.  I don't see how someone coudn't take him seriously as a physical threat to a tank, much less Goldberg.  The match is happening because it's too monsters facing off.  That story tells itself.

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