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By Mike Johnson on 2020-04-03 10:00:00

A few weeks ago on audio, you noted that many of those you spoke to didn't want to go through WrestleMania.  I was wondering if that's changed now that they've taped it?

At the time, everyone I spoke to several weeks was against it, hoping for a later date where the company could perform in Tampa in front of Raymond James Stadium.  They knew it was a Vince McMahon decision to move forward.  Have those feelings changed since?  For some, yes.  After taping Wrestlemania and realizing what the show can mean to fans who are sheltered in place or are going through rough circumstances personally, I have spoken to some who are glad WWE went through with the show, even though they may have felt they wanted the show postponed at the onset of all this.  As things have gotten bleaker in the world, they've come to realize that the reality is there may not have been any correct date to move Wrestlemania that would have been a safe destination date for a live audience to attend. 

I can also say that I've since heard from those in the company who did want to go through with Mania and who felt it was their duty to do so.   They believed in the old aadage, the show must go on, especially since everything else has pretty much shuttered production.  The reality is this - the fact the show is even broadcasting is something I am personally thankful for.  While I wished they had been able to pick a date in June and just run it then, the deeper we get into this epidemic, the clearer it is that it would have been impossible to strategize and prepare for such a thing.  Vince McMahon wanted fans to have their Wrestlemania and they are going to get it.  I think that by the time the second night ends on Sunday, we'll all be thankful for that show having been there.  As someone who has seen family and friends sickened, I will be very happy to have that show to focus on and cover this weekend.

If Wrestlemania is all taped, why havent spoilers leaked?

WWE filmed on a closed set in waves, so talents and producers involved in match #1 weren't even in the building for match #2, etc.  WWE also used a much smaller production crew than usual and had no guests.  There are certain things that I have heard about the show, but given that I haven't been able to double source some of them via the usual means, I've been very cautious to report them.  Things we have been able to source via two or more sources we can trust, we have reported.

Do you think we'll ever find out the original plans, see the original set, production plans, etc.?

I don't see WWE ever publicly disclosing original booking plans that might have changed, but doing a WWE Network special showcasing the original set designs, etc. and how the company pivoted into what will be the final version of the show would be a fascinating documentary.

Since fans can't go this year, do they get to keep their streaks?  I was thinking of the Ringside Charlie guy who's been to every Wrestlemania...does he have a blemish on his record now?

Of course he doesn't.  I feel that if a fan has a physical ticket and bought a flight to Tampa to keep their attendance streak going, it is still technically intact.  You can't attend something that doesn't allow fans in the door.   As far as I am concerned, Ringside Charlie, Vladimir and all the other superfans have their perfect record and I don't think WWE would argue that, either

Was there any chance WWE let Ringside Charlie into Wrestlemania?  Maybe he was privately invited?

I can tell you that did not happen.

If you debut at Wrestlemania but there are no fans, does it count?

Sure does.  Wrestlemania is a time capsule every year for where WWE is and this year will be no different.

Has there been any word on refunds from WWE from Wrestlemania events?

It was announced Ticketmaster would begin issuing refunds within 30 days.  I don't believe they have hit 30 days yet.

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