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By Dave Scherer on 2020-04-01 10:00:00

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With Vince's recent stock sale (the one you reported on 3/25) wouldn't it be more likely because of having to close the XFL's season and get back a big chunk of the money he personally invested (that he used from selling a TON of stock last yr)?

I would never guess why he sold the stock, only he knows for sure.  I would think that he set aside the XFL money knowing he could lose it and wouldn’t replenish it now.  It seems to me that he sold it to give himself some personal liquidity (and man, think about how good your life is if you need over $80 million just to be liquid).  But again, I can’t tell you for sure why he did it.

Why isn't Vince McMahon shutting down business like every other sport is doing?  Yeah he's not allowing fans, but these wrestlers are still not social distancing from each other and then going home to their families.  Aren't the wrestlers families concerned as well? 

Many wrestlers are concerned, no doubt.  Why isn’t Vince shutting down?  He’s Vince.  Remember, he’s the same guy that made people go out to the ring and wrestle on PPV after Owen Hart died.  I don’t understand it at all, I really don’t.

I noticed Matt Riddle didn’t make the PWI Madness tournament card. Did he say something about you guys on Twitter, or is your wellness policy more restrictive than he’d like it to be?

I love Matt Riddle Bro.  He can say whatever he wants about me and I will still love his work.  The dude is great.  A lot of people didn’t make the tournament that could have because it was a fun tournament, not a “who is the best wrestler” event.  I just wanted to put a smile or two on people’s faces with it.

Since WrestleMania this year is going to be taped ahead of time and with no audience do you think that WWE / Vince will hold off on having any major title changes in order to get a big crowd reaction?  If Drew goes over on Lesnar and no one is there to react to it does it lessen the impact of the title win?

Mike Epsenhart and I talked about that a lot on last Saturday’s edition of the FMB.  If it were us, we would hold off title changes for the exact reason you stated.  But since Vince clearly has a much different view on what should be going on in WWE right now, I can’t say what he will do.  If I had to guess, I would bet he would “go on with the show” and do whatever it was he had planned to do.

After seeing the interaction between Taker and AJ Styles and the OC, I was wondering this. Since Taker's entrance is much better suited for a spectacle like a PPV, is there a possibility that his match with AJ could be a return of the American Bad Ass? Considering AJ bringing up Michelle McCool, it seems it would be a more personal attack. I can see the American Bad Ass wiping out Gallows and Anderson in order to get to AJ. Either way it works, of course, but with the personal angle now implemented I was wondering what your thoughts are.

They got around it by going into the boneyard.  Had they not, sure that would have worked.  You are right.  His entrance is so much a part of the act it would really be lessened by not having an audience.

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