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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-29 10:00:00

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Since Roman Reigns appears to be out of WrestleMania what do you think of having Bray Wyatt facing Goldberg (and winning) for the belt? Logically he should want a rematch anyway. He could always face Cena after and just say he had unfinished business to take care of.

Logically?  Sure, that makes sense.  But Vince took the belt off of him before Mania for a reason (and no, I don’t understand his thinking but that isn’t the first time that has happened).  Vince wants Bray in there with John Jack, so that’s what we will get.

After the Vice documentary do you see WWE inducting Nancy/Woman into the Hall of Fame?

Honestly?  Probably not any time soon.  They have done all they can to distance themselves from Chris Benoit and putting the woman he killed in the Hall would be the exact opposite of that.  I don’t see them wanting the publicity that would come with it.

Second question - I saw that the WWE was credited for video snippets - do you know if the WWE gave permission for all the videos used and under what restrictions such permission was given?  I loved the doc and truly believe that the combination of medications and severe CTE led to what happened but still unforgivable.  I was heart broken that David Benoit suffered taunting or anything other than sympathy for this tragedy.

I honestly don’t know either way but about Benoit all I can tell you is I was in the buildings early back in the ECW days and I never thought he was a nice guy.  I always found him to be gruff and cocky, kind of like his idol The Dynamite Kid.  I know a lot of hardcore fans loved him and thought he was a god and all but I never saw him that way.  I respect the ability he had and the work he did, but I didn’t think much of him personally from my interactions with him and watching how he acted around others.

Dave, you have said many times that you think NXT is better than a lot of the other stuff that WWE puts out, and I agree they do put out some stinkers. However, I have watched a few episodes of NXT and I just cant get into it. What am I missing? Right now I only watch Smackdown, and fast forward thru Raw if Becky is on. I would like to watch more wrestling (and not AEW) but I just cant get into NXT. Maybe because I think of them as rookies? I don’t know. Can you explain what you like about it so much?

I could but the thing is it comes from my perspective and what I like in wrestling.  If I like it and see and you don’t, I can’t really explain to you why you should like it.  You like what you like!

And finally, any news of Ronda Rousey coming back for Wrestlemania?

Not from anything I have heard.  I think if she was coming back she would have been announced by now.  Using her as a surprise on a show with no fans or gate would make even less sense than running WrestleMania in front of no fans and no gate!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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