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By Anthony Pires on 2020-03-25 20:30:00

Tony Schiavone welcomes us to AEW Dynamite and he is joined by Kenny Omega and Cody.  They run down tonight, which includes the Exalted One, Brodie Lee’s debut against QT Marshall.  Chris Jericho will confront Matt Hardy.  Kicking us off tonight will be Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc.

Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc

The heels, including Shawn Spears, appear backstage (adhering to the Rule of 10) appear to be placing bets on tonight’s matches.  Lockup, Havoc with a headlock, Cody takes him down with a shoulderblock.  Rollupby Havoc can’t get a 1 one count.  Leg sweep by Havoc, followed by an armdrag.  Havoc grabs an armbar.  Cody with a sunset flip off of a reverse whip into the buckle for 2.  Havoc immediately rolls him up for 2.  Cody kicks out and gets another 2.  He get a sudden handshake.  Right cross by Havoc, Cody fights back and big right hand by Havoc puts Cody down.  Off the ropes, Cody with a springboard cutter.  Figure 4 by Cody.  Havoc grabs the ear to try and break it.  Poke to the eye forces the break.  Cody sends Havoc to the outside, Cody meets him with a tope suicida.  Cody sends Havoc into the varricade.  Chris Jericho has joined the heels backstage.  The action goes to the stage where Havoc gets the advantage and grabs Cody’s tongue and punches him.  The action goes back to the ring and Cody hits an uppercut.  Spanish Fly into the corner by Havoc.  Havoc with a right cross into an armbar.  Havoc stomps the arm. 

Havoc charges and Cody backdrops him over the top onto the ramp.  Cody with a gourdbuster on the top.  Cody with a running lariat sends Havoc back into the ring.  Back body drop by Cody.  Cody goes for a Disaster Kick and Havoc grabs and armbar instead.  Cody makes the ropes.  Havoc with a nice rollover into another armbar, Cody makes the ropes.  Rainmaker by Havoc for 2.  Havoc with punches in the corner, Cody sends him to the top.  Reverse Superplex by Cody.  Two Cross Rhodes later and Cody scores the pin.


The heels backstage appear to be very unhappy.


Jake Roberts appears on the screen to tout Lance Archer and what he’s going to do to Cody.  Jake argues that Cody promised to give the fans what they wanted and, yet, no phone call was make to Jake.  Jake points out how fearful Cody is of him.  Jake tells Ceasar to bring whoever he wants to sign a contract to meet Lance Archer, just once.  Two minutes of Jake Roberts and I’m ready to plunk cash down to see this match already.


After commercial, Cody joins Tony on commentary.  Cody laments that Jake Roberts needs to stop talking about his wife.  Cody says Lance Archer has to start somewhere and Cody says he can have his first match next week.

We get a black and white video from Darby Allin.  He lays a not so veiled threat to the Inner Circle and tonight’s opponent, Kip Sabian.

Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs Darby Allin

Lockup, Allin grabs a headlock, shoulderblock off the ropes, Sabian goes down.  Lockup, armtwist into a headlock by Allin.  Rollup by Darby for 2.  Sabian bails to the outside.  Test of strength, Sabian with a kick to the midsection into a headlock, Darby sends him off the ropes and a leapfrog into an armdrag off the top rope by Allin, Sabian bails again. Allin charges and Ford pulls Sabian out of the way.  Allin runs traight into the rails as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Ford is laying into Allin on the outsode.  Sabian brings the action back in, Darby with slaps and a back elbow and mule kick.  Shotgun dropkick by Allin.  Back elbow by Allin followed by a jawbreaker for 2.  Shoulder blocks by Sabian in the corner, he drapes Allin around the post and stretches him.  Allin forces Sabian to the outside and nails a Lope Suicida.  Allin throws Sabian back inside but Ford grabs the leg, allowing Sabian to hit a Disaster Kick.  Draping Suplex by Sabian for 2.  Sabian with kicks, Darby punches back but a kneelift and punch by Sabian puts Allin down.  Out of nowhere, Allin hits a leglock called the Last Supper and rolls Sabian up for the pin.

WINNER: Darby Allin

We’re back and we see highlights from Jake Hager, both in the ring and in the MMA cage.

Jake Hager vs.  Chico Adams

Go behind, Hager sends Chico into the post.  Doctor Bomb by Hager, he drives his knee into Adams’ back.  Chico hits some punches but Hager clamps on the arm triangle for the tapout.

WINNER: Jake Hager

Jon Moxley comes out and the 2 exchange punches.  Moxley with a Paradigm Shift, Hager recovers quickly and hits an ankle lock. Hager escapes and bails.  Tony and Cody tell us the two are on a collision course.

We’re in the back with Moxley and he reminds Hager that he’ll always be in the Inner Circle’s blind spot.

We get highlights from last week’s highlight: THE DARK ORDER revealing Brodie Lee as the Exalted One

Brodie Lee, looking very dapper in a custom suit and eating a juicy streak, has dinner with Alex Reynolds and John Silver.  Or, at least Silver tries to eat but the Exalted one forbids eating until he is finished with his meal.  Reynolds sneezes and is immediately thrown out of the dinner.

QT Marshall vs Brodie Lee

The Exalted One is accompanied by a Creeper.  Boot to the face by Lee, QT to the outside.  Facebuster to the apron by Lee.  Chops and an eyerake by Brodie.  Back inside we get a get an over the top senton by Lee, followed by elbows and 2 vetical suplexes.  Forearms to the back by Lee.  QT with 2 punches and a kick.  Enziguri by Marshall, he charges Lee and Lee with a BossMan slam. Lee teases Sister Abigail but instead hits a discus lariat for the pin.

WINNER: Brodie Lee

Lee and his Creeper lay a mask on Marshall before they leave.

We see highlights of the Inner Circle defeating the Elite and the big debut of Matt Hardy.  Vanguard 1 brings us to Nick Jackson’s house to give us an update on his condition.  We see him working out in his garage.  Nick approaches Vanguard 1, but the signal is terminated.

AAA Mega Championship:  Kenny Omega (AAA Mega Champion) vs Sammy Guevara

Lockup, clean break in the ropes.  Go behind takedown into a facelock by Sammy.  Omega counters with a arm twist.  Guevara with a leg sweep into a front facelock,  Omega with another arm twist, Omega reverses it.  Sammy throws him off and hits a series of leapfrogs and then a dropkicks sends Omega to the outside.  Sammy poses for the camera.  Omega back in and Sammy with an eye rake.  Cody and Tony are arguing Star Trek Captains.  Omega forced to the outside, Guevara works the wrist.  Into the safety rail goes Omega.  Chops and forearms by Sammy.  Sammy breaks the count but Omega tries to throw him into the barricade.  Sammy leaps over it and sits in a ringside chair.  Omega charges but Sammy with a chop.  Sammy passionately kisses a drawing of Brandi as we go to commercial.

Back live, Sammy throws Omega to the outside.  Sammy poses in front of Brandi and Omega nails him.  He goes for a belly to back but Sammy flips backwards ans poses for Brandi again.  Omega with a vertical suplex on the outside.  Omega sends Sammy into the steps twice.  Cross body by Omega for 2.  Omega with a whip into the corner, he misses the charge and Sammy rolls into an armbar.  Omega makes the ropes.  Guevara works over the injured arm, stomping the elbow.  Guevara misses a moonsault.  Omega with big chops and a kick to the midsection.  Sammy bites the arm before getting hit with a forward roll.  Sammy with a stomp and elbow to the injured arm for 2.  Guevara with a chinliock, Omega elbows out of it.  Guevara hits a big clothesline and uppercut to the jaw as we go to commercial

We’re back and Omega with a boot to Sammy in the corner.  Axehandle by Omega, Guevara with a kick, he runs off the ropes and gets hit with another axehandle for 2.  Omega with a dropkick and a leapfrog facebuster by the AAA champion.  Guevars blocks the snapdragon and hits a forward roll and running forearm for 2.  Enziguiri by Guevara.  Springboard cutter by Guevara, Omega to the outside.  Tope suicida by Guevara.  Dropkick attempt by Sammy, Omega meets him with a powerbomb.  Omega attempts a LigerBomb but Sammy counters with a Spanish Fly.   Sammy to the top and misses a shooting star.  V Trigger by Omega.  Sammy grabs the hans and tries to bite, but Omega with another V Trigger.  Snap Dragon by Omega, Sammy lands on his feet and hits a spin kick.  V Trigger and Jay Driller (called that by Cody) for 2 for Omega.  One Winged Angel and Omega scores the pin.

WINNER: Kenny Omega (retains AAA MegaChampionship)

Chris Jericho, Le Champion hits the ring.  He talks about Matt Hardy’s debut, aligning with the Elite.  Jericho calls them idiots and believes Matt Hardy isn’t stupid.  He invites Matt to join the Inner Circle, forgetting how well this went last time he tried this.

Enter Vanguard 1.  Jericho tells Vanguard 1 he dislikes him, his political views and his social media posts.  Yes, Jericho is conversing with Vanguard 1.  Somehow, Jericho is making this work, offering him the best mechanical tobacco.  V1 flies away and Jericho yells at it.  Matt Hardy appears in the stands, actually teleporting around the building in stop-flash motion until he’s finally at ringside.

Hardy enters and Jericho wants to know how Hardy teleported.  Hardy clains he is MAGIC!  Jericho explains how things work in AEW.  He runs the show.  He’s the one you should want to join.  Hardy claims he owed the Bucks of Youth a debt, as they resurrected Broken Matt Hardy.  The Broken One declares AEW his own Arcadia and vows to protect it.  Jericho points out the stars he’s made single handedly.  Jericho offers him a chance to join the Inner Circle.

Hardy says he has a debt to replay.  Hardy says there is a different entity possessing his vessel, Damascus and he is 3,000 years old.   Jericho claims he’s the same Matt Hardy he’s known for 25 years.  Jericho tells him he’s lived his whole career in someone’s shadow his whole career.  Jericho gives him one more chance.  Hardy yells DELETE over and over and over.  Jericho tells him there’s no one is there to chant with him.  Hardy counters that no one is there to sing Judas.  Hardy claims he knew the real Judas, and he betrayed him as well.  I never heard about that in CCD.  Hardy sings the OBSOLETE song for Jericho, claiming that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King are in the audience tonight.

Hardy tells him to take a good look at the entity that will DELTE him.  The 2 exchange claps.  Sammy Guevara attacks Hardy and Cody and Omega make the save with chairs.  Hardy magically makes the pyro go off, scaring Jericho and Guevara as we go to credits

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