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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-25 16:10:00

EVOLVE announced that they will release The Velveteen Dream vs. Orange Cassidy for free online tonight at 7:30 PM EST:

The promotion announced they are still providing away one month of their Club WWN membership for free as well as the following:

We hope you, your friends and family are safe and well during this historic pandemic. We urge you to practice social distancing. Don't spread the virus. Nothing is more important than your health. We have a few notes from the WWN office. Let's get to it....

-We all need an escape during these tough times. WWN is now offering the first month of Club WWN for FREE. You will get:

    -Immediate access to over 2000 hours of VOD matches and events!

    -Every EVOLVE event ever!

    -Every SHINE event ever!

    -Every FIP event ever!

    -Every Style Battle tournament ever!

    -Every WWN Supershow ever!

    -Plus much more with classic and current matches of the biggest names in pro wrestling!

    -Club WWN is only $9.99 per month with no obligation or commitment!

Go to to sign up. Go to FAQ section if you have any questions. Signing up for Club WWN is the best way to support us now. Thank you!

-EVOLVE has been releasing a series of #OnlyInEVOLVE matches on Youtube. Tonight at 7:30pm EDT we will release the holy grail of #OnlyInEVOLVE matches. EVOLVE was in a unique situation for the past couple of years. We have been able to promote matches between NXT, WWE, EVOLVE and independent wrestling talent that you can only see in EVOLVE. Subscribe to for all the free releases, including tonight's much anticipated premiere.

-A reminder to email for all inquiries about our postponed events. Thank you.

-Congratulations to Leon Ruff on making his WWE Raw debut last Monday. Ruff started as an unknown member of The Skulk. He climbed the ladder to become an EVOLVE Tag Team Champion. He is one of the top talents on the EVOLVE roster. Now he has made his WWE Raw debut. The future looks bright for Leon Ruff! Jump on the bandwagon and follow his journey from the bottom to the top. Hard work, good decisions and doing business the right way pays off! We will say now that Ruff was scheduled to take on Isiah Scott during the 1st round of Accelerate during Wrestlemania week. One of the EVOLVE cards during Wrestlemania week was also going to feature Leon Ruff & AR Fox vs. BESTies In The World vs. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis in a TLC Match for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles. We look forward to seeing Ruff continue to build momentum when we return to action.

-We also want to congratulate Brendan Vink on his WWE Raw debut. While the EVOLVE locker room was very happy for Ruff, we didn't quite get the same reaction to Vink. He is undefeated in EVOLVE. He was heading to an EVOLVE Title Match during Wrestlemania week.

-Thank you for reading today's WWN Alerts. Check out these #OnlyInEVOLVE matches that have already been released for FREE! Get ready for the holy grail tonight at 7:30pm EDT before you watch the Wednesday night shows on cable. Be safe.

EVOLVE released the following free matches online:





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