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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-24 18:16:00

Dana Brooke is expected to be pulled from her Wrestlemania 36 match. 

Brooke, who had been scheduled for a Six-Way bout as one of the challengers for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship, has been sent home and is currently in quarantine, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported today. has confirmed that Brooke was not feeling well and was sent home last week.  She is still listed on the WWE website listing for the match currently.  It is still officially slated to be WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley vs. Brooke vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina vs. Naomi

It is possible WWE could go with a five way bout or tap someone else (Carmella, Nia Jax, etc.) to replace Brooke in the bout.

WWE will be taping this year's Wrestlemania on Wednesday and Thursday for airing on the WWE Network on 4/5 and 4/6.

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