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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-03-24 11:50:00

"Hulk Hogan" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by noticeofmeowery

Just like movies and TV shows, the world of wrestling also relies on some crazy merchandise to generate some extra revenue. What’s more, some of the pieces can go on to become real collectors’ items, worth much more than the original purchase price. A great example of this is the Funko Hulk Hogan that has recently been valued at over $350. But that’s a pretty mainstream example compared with some others that have taken the sport as their inspiration.

The WWF Cookbook

Way back in 2000, millennium madness must have overcome the marketing team behind this not-so-slim volume. Titled “Can You take the Heat?”, it was a collection of the supposed favourite recipes from some of the sport’s biggest stars of the era. So the lucky owners of the book could treat themselves to The Rock’s speciality cookies and Kane’s Red Velvet Cake.

Lucha Maniacs

Another of the more unusual ways that wrestling has been celebrated is through online slots games. Lucha Maniacs is a prime example that can be found at Space Casino and which, as the name suggests, features masked Mexican wrestlers. Accompanied by a lively mariachi-style band, it’s a game that has plenty of features to keep players just as interested as the most exciting of bouts, as well as a special Golden Bet round which also increases the chances of winning.

WWF Squirt Heads

Some wrestlers could be justified for finding these particular items a little undignified, but they proved to be a big hit, all the same. In fact, they were such a big hit back in the day that they made an appearance at many a summertime water fight. But, while they might have been pretty effective at squirting a steady stream of water from between the fighter’s teeth, they didn’t always bear the closest resemblance to the stars that they were supposed to be depicting – especially when they were being squeezed.

Enzo Amore Replica Wigs

When it comes to wearables there can’t be many than are less flattering than the headpieces that feature the inimitable blond tufts of Enzo Amore in his “Certified G” manifestation. If we’re being totally honest, it’s a hairstyle that’s only ever going to really suit Enzo so the rest of us should, well, give it a rest really.

The New Day’s Unicorn Horns

The same can probably be said of the unicorn hats as made famous by the legendary New Day tag team. Peaking in popularity in 2016, the hats became an unavoidable feature in arenas everywhere, despite the fact that the weight of the horns made them wobble precariously on wearers’ heads. But those who chose to style it out would certainly agree that New Day certainly rocks.

So there you have them – five fantastic types of merch, or not so fantastic types depending on your viewpoint. And one thing’s for certain, there’ll be even weirder on the way soon!

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