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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-25 09:30:00

Combat Zone Wrestling DDestruction PPV

Airing on PPV and Video on Demand

Hania vs. Athena - Ladder Match.

Hania cut a promo saying this was WSU's first-ever TLC match and they were going to settle things woman to woman, beast to beast, athlete to athlete.  She cut a solid promo.

Athena is now known as WWE star Ember Moon.  She said this is her game and she's already died a billion death.  When Hania is in the ring may never die, but rises harder and stronger.

They started strong with Athena being sent to the floor and Hania diving to the floor atop of her.  Hania tossed her into the ring but is caught with a spinning sideslam.  Athena drilled her with a chair several times but was taken down and had the chair dropkicked into her face.  Hania drilled her with a deries of forearms, beating Athena down.

Athena caught her with a kick and went for a suplex but Hania blocked it several times, then reversed it, suplexing her atop the chair.  Hania pulled a ladder into the ring and spun around with it, like Terry Funk and drilled Athena with it.  Athena ducked another attempt and slammed her with a chair, knocking Hania to the mat.  Athena pulled a massive ladder towards the ring and bridged it across the ring apron to the barricade.  They battled on the floor with Hania knocking her into the ladder.  Hania walked across the ladder and nailed a standing moonsault to the floor.

Athena was rolled back into the ring and covered for a two count.  Hania nailed a series of forearms and went for a suplex but Athena blocked it and used the ladder to drill her.  Athena slammed Hania atop a ladder and scored a two count.  She worked over Hania and tried to send her into the buckles but it was blocked and Athena ate the buckles.  Hania drilled her over and over with kicks to the chest.  

Hania went to the floor and began setting up a series of chairs on the floor, facing each other.  She then added a second level of chairs to the structure.  Athena, recovered and began climbing to the top rope.  She dove off the top onto Hania, hitting a flip dive that took out Hania and a bunch of associates who were assisting her in building the chair sculpture.  Athena re-arranged the chairs, then drilled Hania across the back.  She pulled Hania to the apron and picked her up for a slam off the apron into the chairs but Hania scrambled out of her arms and back into the ring.  They battled back and forth and then up to the top, above the chairs.  Athena shoved her off but is nailed with a dropkick.  She absorbed it and bounced back with one of her own.

Athena worked Hania over in the corner and set up for a handspring forearm in the corner, then missed a Facewash.  Hania fought back with shots to the back but was caught with an exploder into the corner.  Athena brought her back into the corner and placed a ladder across the ropes, trapping Hania behind it against the buckles.  Athena went for a Van Terminator but came up a little short.  She still covered Hania for a two count.  Athena went to the floor and began setting up several ladders on the floor near each other.  Nothing good can come of this.  Athena tried to set up Hania for a move, but she fought back.  Athena caught her with a stiff shot to the face.  They battled back and forth until Hania speared her through the ropes backwards on a bridged ladder.  It did NOT BUDGE ONE IOTA and looked so brutal.  Hania went to the top and drove down with a flying kneedrop but again, it didn't budge.  Finally everything toppled over.  This has been rough physically.

They began battling around the ring, fighting back and forth with punches and forearms.  Hania flung Athena hard into the barricades.  Hania tried to hit a rana off the ladder.  Athena recovered and set her up in a CopKilla position, then flipped her forward, slamming Hania ribs first into the ladder.  That was evil.

Athena placed her across the bridged ladder, then turned her over into a STUMP PULLER on the ladder.  That's a first.  Hania wouldn't submit so Athena drilled her with a double axehandle in the mid-section.  She went for a slash off the ropes through the ladder but Hania moved out of the way and Athena rudely bounced off and crashed to the floor.  This is a brutal match.

Hania set up a table inside the ring, then pulled a ladder in as Athena laid on the floor recovering. Athena finally made it to her feet and nailed a kick to the head out of desperation.    They battled near the ropes.  Hania was pulled to the top and they battled until Athena nailed a superplex out of the ring down to the chair structure below.  The look of pain on Athena's face was ridiculously scary to wash.  I have seen a lot of insane things happen inside the 2300 Arena but this was just as dangerous as any of them.

They recovered and began brutalizing each other with forearms.  Athena drove Hania rudely into the ring steps.  They fired back and forth with running forearms at each other on the floor.  They battled back into the ring, continuing to pulverise the other with kicks.  Hania ducked a clothesline and superkicked Athena, laying her out on the table.  Hania ascended to the top of the ladder and hit a flip bump down to the table, which didn't break.  They slammed into it and it fell over.  OOOF!  

Hania set up the bent but not broken table as the crowd chanted for "One More Time."  She tried to place Athena atop of it but was caught with small package for a two count.  Hania drilled her with a series of kicks and placed her back atop.  She went back to the top and repeated the flip dive, this time wiping Athena through the table, destroying it.  She covered Athena, who kicked up at the last second.

Another table was set up in the ring by Hania.  She went for a rana but Athena caught her and powerbombed her, except the table (wait for it) didn't break.  Athena pulled her up and powerbombed her again, smashing her through the table for a two count.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they were right.

Athena brought a chair into the ring and went for a fisherman's buster onto the chair and drilled her down, scoring a two count.  Athena kept covering her but Hania kept kicking out.

Athena climbed the largest of the ladders, which was outside the ring.  Hania returned to her feet and Athena nailed what is now known as The Eclipse into the ring and scored the pin.

Your winner, Athena!

Athena was incredible here and hopefully, she gets a chance to have a match at this level in WWE when she returns from injury.

After the match, Athena pulled Hania up and showed her respect, raising her arm.  They embraced but Hania grabbed a chair and attacked her, laying her out, then beat her with several shots across the back.  Hania flipped off the audience and walked off.

This was simply, absolutely great.  They just brought it to each other in a tremendously physical match that saw some intense physical action and insane spots, some of which were more brutal then most hardcore or ladder maches you'd see from male competitors.  One thing that really stood out is that Hania should have been picked up by a much larger company a long time ago as she has a ton of star qualities and just based on her in-ring work, there's zero reason she hasn't been given a bigger spotlight nationally.

WSU Champion Allie vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez is now signed to WWE.  Allie is now the Bunny in AEW.

Allie was stalling early, not wanting to give up the title belt.  The crowd chanted, "F-TNA" at her, so that should tell you when this originally took place.

Allie then played Larry Zbyszko after almost locked up, wandering around the ring.  She returned to the ring and they finally locked up with Martinez trapping the Champion in the corner but breaking clean when ordered to by the referee.  They locked up again but this time Martinez fakes her out and takes her to the mat before locking on a front chancery, transitioning into a side headlock.  Martinez is sent into the ropes and shoulderblocks Allie down.

Allie gained control and sent her into the buckles, then dropkicked her.  She drilled Martinez with a series of rights and scored several two counts.  Martinez was sent hard into the buckles, crumbling in the corner.  Allie used her boot to smother Martinez. Allie suplexed her over and was all proud of herself but Martinez has had enough and snapped her over with the Three Amigos, then scored a two count with a rolling neckbreaker for a CLOSE two count.

Martinez rained down with right hands before beating her with rapid fire fists.  Allie dropped her with a jawbreaker but was caught with a spinebuster for a one count.  Allie pulled herself to the outside and when Martinez pursued, snapped her into the ropes throat-first.  She stepped on Martinez' throat, trying to wear her down.  They battled outside on the apron.  Allie nailed a series of forearms but was caught going for a kick and was sent down to the floor.

Martinez hit a flip off the apron to Allie on the floor.  Martinez beat Allie with chops and sent her hard into the barricades.  Allie sent Martinez into the railing with Martinez grabbing at her eye.  Martinez chased Allie back into the ring and pulled her into the ring.  Allie drilled Martinez with a DVDR but this time she was the one grabbing the bottom rope to break the pinfall.  The crowd chanted for Martinez.    Allie didn't know what to do but set up for a superkick.

Martinez blocked it but on the rebound, Allie nailed one.  Martinez caught her going for a move and nailed the cradle buster.  Martinez locked her in a surfboard submission with a Dragon Sleeper.  Allie tapped.

Your winner and new CZW Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez!

They told a good heel vs. babyface story here.

Allie showed respect to Martinez before leaving.

They closed out with a CZW Girlz music video montage.

The first match was nearly 30 minutes and was well worth the price of the show, while the second bout was absolutely solid and enoyable.  It really showcased how good Martinez is in the ring and what a good heel Allie can play from a character standpoint.  

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