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By Anthony Pires on 2020-03-23 19:58:00

We begin with a video introduction of the challengers for the ROH World Tag Team Title, Silas Young and Josh Woods, 2 Guys 1 Tag.  Tonight, they face Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to tonight’s show.

Jay & Mark Biscoe vs Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb.

Ian Ricabboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary.  Code of Honor adhered to.  Mark and Cobb start things off with a collar and elbow tie up, Mark grabs a headlock and gets thrown off by Cobb.  He re-applies the headlock.  Cobb throws him into the ropes, executes a leapfrog and connects with a dropkick.  Cobb with an arm twist, tags in Maff.  Maff with a headbutt to Mark’s shoulder.  Mark counters with a forearm and tags in Jay Briscoe.  We get an exchange of chops and forearms.  Cary Silkin joins commentary.  Elbow by Jay Briscoe.  Maff tackles him into the corner and tags in Cobb. 

Cobb with a running forearm into the corner, Jay grabs a front facelock and tags in Mark.  Mark with a headbutt, Cobb registered no ill effects.  Blind tag by Jay Briscoe, he catches Cobb off balance with a running clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Cobb hits an overhead belly to belly on Mark.  Maff tags in and hits a back body drop. Mark rolls to the corner and tags in his big brother.  Maff with a clothesline and 2 sentons for 2.  Maff moves like a man 75 lbs lighter and 20 years younger.  Cobb tags in.  Running elboe by Cobb for 2.  Cobb with a deadlift suplex, THAT takes strength.  Cobb gets a 2 count.  Standing moonsault by Cobb for 2.  Cobb grabs a chinlock.  Jay powers out and hits a dropkick.  Mark tags in.  They exchange forearms and elbows.  Cobb shoves him off but Mark with a dropkick to Maff, knocking him off the apron.  Mark works over Cobb and hits an armdrag off the 2nd rope.  Jay with a superkick on Maff on the floor.  Mark grabs a chair and propels himself onto Maff.  Jay with a cannonball onto Cobb.  T Bone suplex by Mark for 2 on Cobb.  The Briscoes set Cobb up on the top rope, Maff makes the save and a pounce on to both Briscoes.  Maff with a cannonball on Jay.  Maff propels himself off Cobb and nails a senton for 2. 

Maff misses a charge and Jay with a superkick.  Maff counters with a superkick of his own and gets Jay in the torture rack.  Mark Briscoe with a kick to the midsection, Jay follows up with a snap dragon on Maff.  Cobb with the save.  All four slug it out. Maff sends Mark to the outside and hits a pop up cutter for 2.  Jay escapes Tour of the Islands and goes to work on both Maff and Cobb.  Jay Driller on Cobb followed by a Froggy Bow and the Briscoes score the pin on Cobb.

WINNERS: Jay and Mark Briscoe

Rey Horus vs. Alex Shelley

Collar and elbow tie up, Shelley grabs a wristlock.  Horus reverses and grabs a hammerlock.  Shelley with a snap mare and we’re off to the races.  Arm drag and a rollup by Shelley for 2.  As this was taped prior to ROH cancelling their shows through May, there is some advertisement for upcoming ROH shows on commentary, which obviously will not be happening.  Shelley with a headlock.  Horus shoves him off an we get a stalemate off shoulderblocks.  Horus with an armdrag followed up by an armbar rollup for 2.  Shelley with a legsweep for 2.  They each go for a dropkick.  Horus follows up with one and sends Shelley to the outside.  Baseball slide by Horus, Shelley ducks and misses a clothesline, Horus with a superkick.  Chops by Shelley, followed by a backbreaker.  More chops by Shelley.  Horus chops back.  Shelley with a crossbody, Horus rolls it over for 2 as we go to commercial.

Shelley with chops, Horus matches him.  Billy Goat's Curse into the Pendulum by Shelley.  Shelley with a kneebar for 2.  Horus chops his way out of the kneebar.  Back to their feet, Shelley with a running clothesline.  Shelley goes down from the pain of the chops.  Shelley goes to the top but Horus with a dropkick.  Horus with a subset flip, Shelley rolls through and hits a dropkick.  Springboard armdrag, followed by a dropkick by Horus.  Horus propels himself over the top on to Shelley.  Discus forearm by Horus.  Spanish Fly by Horus for 2.  Elbow and kick by Horus, Shelley with an enziguiri.  Modified Blade Runner by Shelley for 2, he hits the Motor City Stretch or the tapout.

WINNER: Alex Shelly

Quinn McKay hypes upcoming shows, which are obviously not happening now.

ROH World Tag Team Title: Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham (Champions) vs 2 Guys, 1 Tag (Josh Woods & Silas Young)

The challengers get jumped by Lethal and Gresham as they make their way to the ring.  Special attention to Young’s left knee.  Lethal with suicide dives onto the challengers.  Woods with a T Bone Suplex on Lethal on the outside.  Gresham all over Young on the inside, working the knee.  The champions tagging in and out, just working over the knee.  Dragonscrew by Gresham, Young is in all kinds of trouble. Lethal cuts Young off from the tag.  Young kicks out of a figure 4 attempt, he finally get the tag.  Woods with suplexes and knee strikes, he gets a 2 on Lethal.  Woods with a spinning knee lift for 2, broken up by Gresham.  Knee strike by Woods on Gresham, Lethal with a facebuster on Woods as we go to commercial. 

Woods backdrops Gresham and Young tags in.  Legdrop/backbreaker combo by the challengers for 2.  Lungblower by Young on Gresham. Woods Powerbombs Gresham on Young’s knees but Young writhes in pain from the earlier attack, young gets a 2 count.  Gresham nails a dropkick on both.  Blind tag by Lethal.  Gresham clips Young and Lethal gets a figure 4 locked in.  Gresham hold off Woods as long as he can.  Woods finally overpowers Gresham and powerbombs him into Lethal to break the hold.  Woods gets the tag, as does Gresham, they exchange punches.  Young tags himself in and they hit a pop up knee strike, Woods tags back in.  Powwrbomb by Woods for 2.  Ankle lock by Woods, before Gresham an get the ropes, Woods hits a German for 2.  Young tags himself in, Gresham kicks the knee and tackles Woods on the outside.  Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Young.  Shooting star by Gresham for 2.  Todd Sinclair misses a small package by Young for a visual pinfall.  Lethal reverses the small package and Gresham scores the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham (retain ROH Tag Team Championship)

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