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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-23 19:58:00

Well, I am stuck at home, like a lot of other folks, unfortunately, so I figured I'd do a live, ongoing Monday Night Raw blog.  I hope you enjoy, but more than that, I hope you and your family are safe and well and remain that way.

We are live from the Performance Center!

We open with Paul Heyman in a studio.  For 18 years, his client Brock Lesnar has had an endless list of victims and we run down everyone he'd F5d and beaten over the years.  They even pull out footage of Stone Cold taking the move.  He says that no one has been dominant for so long..and then they switch to a Drew McIntyre voiceover where he says everything Heyman says is true, but Brock has now run into him.  He promised to kick Brock's head off and then pin him to become the new champion, stealing all Heyman's lines in the process.

We go live to the ring where Heyman is standing alongside Brock.  He said we should be honest with each other, that we live in uncertain times and all crave something certain - its Brock Lesnar.  Heyman says that Drew can do anything he wants to prepare but he can't beat Brock at Wrestlemania.  He plugged that Mania was too big for just one night.  He said Drew can pray but God's prayer line is only going to give him a busy signal.  Great line.  He said Drew should hope for quick and painless.  After what Drew did, Brock will make it quick but it won't be painless.  He said Drew laid out Brock three times and that made him a made man.  Is that how it works?  I'm not sure.  He warned that when Mania is over, Drew will just be another b**ch that tried but got douched out like every other wannabe. The typical good promo from Heyman as Brock stood around looking stoic and dangerous like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are the announcers.  No Jerry Lawler.  

They plugged Lesnar vs. Drew for Wrestlemania and plugged Randy Orton would be here later tonight to answer the Last Man Standing challenge.  Imagine he said no?  That sure would toss a wrench in the plans, eh?

We go back to last week to UndertakeTir laying down Gallows and Anderson for trying to deliver the contract.  Styles will appear later on.

They go to Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena from the 2005 Royal Rumble in Philly.  I'm not going to blog old material, but this is a GREAT match and well worth watching.  It's a good choice for them to broadcast.

We get a review of the AJ Styles vs. Undertaker feud.  Styles will be here shortly.

Styles comes out and cut s a promo from the entrance stage.  He is flanked by Gallows and Anderson.  They are shooting the stage with the screen in the background, so they were paying attention to AEW last week.  Styles said he doesn't care what night of Wrestlemania he'll be fighting Undertaker.  He says it'll be the night his wife lets him out of the house.  He said Taker was wearing maternity pants last week and mocked him, saying he looked like a gothic version of the Tiger King.  He mocked Undertaker for having a Twitter account.  Well, he's got him there.  They shows footage of Undertaker and Michelle McCool doing a YouTube video to help tiger rescue.  Styles asked if he's lost complete control of himself and wondered who is this man?  He said that Undertaker hasn't been the same since Undertaker lost the streak and now his mystique is gone.  He said that he wanted to take Taker's soul but it appears McCool has already done that.  That's funny.  

Styles said he wanted the Undertaker of yesteryear to show up but he's nowhere to be found.  He said that he's going to give the fans what they want.  GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, yelled Batista from home.  Styles said he's going to bring back the dead man.  He challenged Undertaker to a Boneyard match.  It appears that's a re-named Buried Alive match.  He said he's going to bury Undertaker in the same plot Michelle McCool buried his career.

I wonder if they will film the same place Sting fought Vampiro.

Backstage, Zelina Vega insulted Charly Cariso and said Andrade and Angel Garza will show tonight how they are the best tag team in the world.  She mocked Street Profits for dancing around but they won't be dancing with the titles for long.  What a random Wrestlemania match.  They teased Garza has a thing for Charly.

I was told we can expect a few more random bouts like that to be announced in the days to come.

They announced The Firefly Funhouse and Usos vs. New Day for Friday's Smackdown.

Our fearless friends Byron and Tom wondered what a Boneyard match.  I don't know but I hope it all takes place with this Fisbone song playing over and over:

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