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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-25 10:00:00

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If the governor of FL does a shelter in place order before WWE tapes Wrestlemania will that in effect cancel Wrestlemania? I doubt they would consider WWE taping Wrestlemania in the PC as essential business.

There is a reason WWE sped up the taping schedule.  Actually, there are reasons, plural, but yes, they definitely took this into account when making the decision.

Obviously Wrestlemania won’t be in Tampa next year being its in CA, but do you think WWE will look into Wrestlemania in Tampa for 2022 for a “redo”? Any talks about that internally yet?

If there are talks, I haven’t heard about them.  Everyone I speak with in the company is in “Get through WrestleMania and then take it from there” mode.  I think WWE will look to do a make good in Tampa.  They understand the situation.

Thank you for continuing to produce such a high quality wrestling site during these most difficult times. It really helps keep my mind off everything going on by accessing your website. I'd like to get your opinion on an idea I would love for NWA to implement. How cool would it be to have Ric Flair join the team either as a broadcaster, manager, or guest referee? Just imagine him standing near Nick Aldis and the NWA World title. He could even bring a picture of himself holding that title back in the early 1980's beside Gordon Solie. I know Flair is getting older (like the rest of us), so hiring him while he's still available would be INCREDIBLE! Your thoughts?

I love Ric Flair and him talking is fine by me.  I don’t know that the NWA can afford it, but if they could, that would be cool.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that the WWE is doing what they are doing as far as WrestleMania and the like with no audience and I don't mean this question to sound wrong but will the WWE have to refund all the tickets sold to the live event in Tampa that is now not going to happen like that?  Or will they try to offer them something special for those people in place of a refund?  I am sure some of the fans paid top dollar to be there before all this happened.  

Yes, all tickets will be refunded.  It will cost WWE a big chunk of coin, no doubt.

Correct me if I am wrong but just having all the wrestlers, agents, production crew etc at the PC for Wrestlemania put it over the 50 people threshold? Heck there is even talk of less than 10 now.

It’s kind of ambiguous right now.  What WWE has done is keep people in the camera shot at 10 or under, counting everyone involved.  If people are in other parts of the building it’s my understanding that it’s not considered the over 10 and probably not over 50.  Now what AEW did last week?  Yep, that was definitely the over 10, for sure.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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