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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-24 10:00:00

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Speculation here: Do you think that maybe one of the reasons Vince wants it to continue is that he started this once a year blowout show bringing people in from all over the world to see his product. These past few years, other promotions have jumped on his coattails by having other events that same weekend (yes I know that someone cannot attend all events) by the current situation they have to cancel and this could be a big FU from Vince?

No, I don’t think that even entered his mind.  He wants to do the show because he believes that the show must go on and WrestleMania, being the biggest show of them all, really must go on.

With Wrestlemania confirmed to take place at multiple closed sets, the behind the scenes footage of “The Mandalorian” showed the innovative use of new technology that allowed actors to be placed in the foreground on sets with live, interactive backgrounds shifting for depth to accommodate actor and camera movements. Is this something, cost aside, WWE should consider to present their biggest show of the year? 

I would love it.  I don’t care if they have fake fans and pumped in noise.  In fact, I would love it.  It adds to the matches.

With the upcoming WWE tapings including Wrestlemania being a closed set.  Do you predict this will be the first spoiler free taped event or do you think there will still be leaks online?

I literally hope so (for the sake of the talent).  The circle on the results is going to be so small, if it leaks there will be a lot of finger pointing.  And it would really sucked if someone got blamed when it wasn’t actually them that released the information.

Even though it hasn’t taken place yet, where do you think history will rank Wrestlemania 36? Wrestlemania is usually a grandiose event & this year will be the exact opposite.

I don’t think it would be fair to rank a show that took place under these circumstances with all of the others that didn’t.  

Since Mania will be taped what if WWE went a little old school and did more studio type shows for the pregame, and more backstage promos during the actual event?

Fine by me!  They have a challenge ahead.  It will be very interesting to see how they address it.

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