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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-21 22:17:00

World Wrestling Entertainment taped two episodes of Friday Night Smackdown and two episodes of 205 Live today at the WWE Performance Center.  I am told it was an extremely long day that started early this morning and ran pretty much all day and well into the evening.  Everyone is working as hard as they can to get everything done so that the company is "protected" in terms of content over the next several weeks so that no matter what, they are guaranteed to present new, original content in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. has confirmed the taping schedule over the next several days is slated, pending last second changes, to be:

Tomorrow, WWE will indeed be taping NXT material.

Monday, WWE will broadcast a live episode of Monday Night Raw.

Tuesday, the company will film two episodes of Raw, effectively taking them to Monday 4/6.

They will then tape portions of Wrestlemania 36 on Wednesday and Thursday trying to make the best out of this situation.

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