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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-23 10:00:00

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I some questions about the most recent Broken Skull Sessions featuring Bret Hart.  I've watched them all and really enjoyed them, but this one was my least favorite by quite a bit.  Something about Bret's demeanor and body language bugged me.  I'm wondering was it just me? Am I reading too much into it?  Maybe it's due to the medical issues he's had?  He definitely didn't seem as happy to be there as the previous guests. 

I didn’t watch the whole thing yet but from what I saw, that was just Bret being Bret.

My question has to do with choosing sites for Wrestlemania.     The US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis opened up in 2016 and there were rumors almost immediately that Wrestlemania was going to be announced there soon, yet to this day this has not happened.    Have you heard any reason why this has not been chosen for a site yet?     

They haven’t made a deal that WWE wants to agree to.  It all comes down to money and they haven’t found a match yet.  If Minnesota presented the best money deal, WWE would most probably take it.  Yes, they want to be in new stadiums in big markets, but they also go where the money is.

I know it's a doomsday-ish question, but can AEW survive the Covid-19 crisis? Their income comes from TV and attendance at live TV tapings. They're obligated to produce a show every week but how long can they pay to run shows in empty arenas? The WWE will be fine of course, they have the performance center. The huge gate from Wrestlemania is gone but they know they'll still make money thanks to the network.

Someone else asked me that yesterday, remember this.  AEW is owned by a billionaire.  They did not expect to be profitable this soon.  They can absolutely survive and unless something catastrophic happens, I expect them to do so.

What do you think of Impact Wrestling showing WWE footage when they were talking about Ken Shamrock being inducted into their Hall of Fame?  How in the world were they able to use the footage? 

They made a deal with WWE to show it.

I understand why WWE has kept Wrestlemania going and not having it delayed. If they did delay it until August how could they extend some of the story lines over the next 3-4 months?, (Some like Lesnar/McIntyre, Reigns/Goldberg can easily be done by not have the champ show up, but Lynch/Bazler, Edge/Orton would be a lot tougher.)

It wouldn’t have been optimal but they easily could have used the truth, the virus.  Travel is harder.  Rules are in place to keep people apart, etc.  As I said yesterday, it’s still surprising to me that while they are adhering to the 10 person rule, it’s pretty obvious that they are not following social distancing.  I would think that it’s going to be a challenge at some point for them to keep presenting live matches.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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