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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-22 10:00:00

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When you factor in all the people required (including wrestlers and everyone backstage) to produce a wrestling show to the standards of WWE or AEW, it is impossible to hold an event that is in acceptance with the current guidelines for mass gatherings.  Even for a completely empty arena show, there is no way you can produce the show with less than 10 people in the building, which is the current guideline in America.  At a time when all major sports leagues have completely shut down, why does the wrestling business believe itself exempt from the CDC guidelines and warnings?

Gatherings of 10 people they take to mean in one place.  The PC is huge so people can be in different places so they don’t violate the 10 people rule.  AEW?  Well, they definitely violated it.  It will be interesting to see what they do this week.  But no matter what, wrestlers violate the six foot social distancing rule, for sure.

Speaking of the feeling of being exempt, why do guys like Roman Reigns, Jake Roberts, Tully and Arn continue to travel and be used on TV when they are clearly in the higher risk category for COVID-19?  Especially when you consider AEW's use of Tully this week, whose only role was to sit in the audience and whose absence would not have impacted the show one bit?

They feel the show must go on is the best answer I can give you.

Is it just me or did AEW do a bit better than WWE with the empty arena, and do you think WWE would do well to adopt the idea of having a few people in the front row to make noise? It could be other Superstars or trainees or staff or something, especially if they're gonna do WrestleMania at the PC.

I actually covered that in a column I wrote on Thursday.  WWE is keeping the gathering to less than ten people.  AEW didn’t.  It definitely made for a better show but the reason for that is that they didn’t adhere to the rules.

Does WWE regularly have people taping and documenting backstage stuff? Often we see backstage footage used in documentaries.  I ask because, I hope they are doing it right now, they could put an amazing documentary together on this time in history.  How the talents reacted, how they made their decisions...etc.

They don’t film everything (which is probably a good thing) but they definitely film a lot of things with future projects in mind.

Would two brand-exclusive MITB ladder matches involving male Superstars work in today's WWE (for example, one would feature RAW Superstars vying for a Universal Championship contract while the other would feature SmackDown Superstars vying for a WWE Championship contract while the women would not have their own MITB match)?

I don’t think so.  Men and women are treated equally so they need their matche(s) too.

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