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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-18 22:45:00

Over the course of tonight's AEW Dynamite episode, graphics for future bouts were listed for the "Next Dynamite" as opposed to next week.   That led to reader questions about whether the show was going on hiatus.  

That is, as of this writing, not the case.  We are told that currently, AEW is still scheduled to broadcast live on TNT.

However, the decision was made to list everything for the "next" Dynamite instead of next week because the company, from owner Tony Khan on down, is taking the stance that no one should be taking anything for granted during these tumultuous times and they did not want to come across as if anything was guaranteed.  The team wanted to get through tonight's episode and as one source stated after the show, "not be so arrogant as to assume" they'll 100% be allowed back on live TV next week, since things are changing so rapidly due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

If AEW can broadcast live next Wednesday, everything that was announced tonight will take place as listed.  If something unforeseen happens (and after the last seven days, unforeseen appears to be the way of the world), AEW will pick up where they left off as soon as they are allowed to do so.

The company is very excited about the additions of Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee. 

AEW already has the next episode mapped out with Matt Hardy joining Team Elite as they build towards the Blood and Guts match.

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