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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-18 09:59:00

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Had a thought about a virtual audience for Wrestlemania. Even though it is late in the game. It would be cool if the few seats at the Performance Center where filled with vertical TV Screens with fans doing a Facebook live kind of thing from there home while they are watching Wrestlmania. Have all there sound (reactions) pumped into the PC to give the event some kind of Live Atmosphere. It could be a cool effect. And not even have one fan per screen the whole time. Rotate them so many fans get to be in the audience. It would be could if a fan could be notified when they were going to be in the audience then they could go crazy with cheering booing chanting. I think at some point this could be a possibility. Anyway, Would love your thoughts.

If they could pull that off I think it would be really cool and add something to the event.  I like it!

So they finally cancelled WM 36, and will stream it from the PC. But don't you think it might have been a smarter move to just delay is a few months, and that way, they would have made a lot more money? And more people would have gotten to enjoy it, being there?

If it were my decision, I would have postponed it until August and made SummerSlam this year’s WrestleMania.  Then I would have made Survivor Series SummerSlam (or Fall Slam) for one year only.  But Vince didn’t want to do that.

So my question is about MJF. Specifically *where has this guy been hiding* all these years?!? I caught the last AEW PPV, which is the first show of theirs I've watched start to finish, and was absolutely blown away by his old school "vile heel" performance and character... Thought it might have just been a "one off" or the quality of competition to play off of with Cody, but following this guy since, absolutely everything he does is pure gold. I love how he lives the character 24-7 with no excuses.... and I'm literally watching the shows almost Soley now just to see what he does next. Is this a "new" character for him? Something he's been developing recently and has finally come into its own on a bigger stage? Or has he always been this amazing and just flew under the radar? The guy is the best heel in the business hands down right now and it's not even remotely close.

He is really young, just 24 years old, that is why you haven’t heard much about himHe was doing the same act in MLW and he is a really great heel (though my favorite heel is Kay Lee Ray).  He has being a jerk down to a science, no doubt.

Do you think that Tampa Bay will have another opportunity to host Wrestlemania or was this it? Any possibility that the Los Angeles Wrestlemania might get bumped to 2022 so Tampa can host next year to make up for the cancellation? I live in Tampa and I’m disappointed, but I respect the decision. 

I would hope so and I do think so.  They lost the event due to dire, unforeseen circumstances.  I think WWE will want to do a make good in the years to come.  I don’t think they will do it next year, they want the LA show.

I’ve been reading with interest your comments and views on whether WWE should cancel WrestleMania before they are forced to, after all, it does seem like it’s going to be cancelled/postponed one way or another. Is it possible or likely that should the Government force it to be cancelled then they might be covered by insurance for any loses? And if that is the case, if they cancel off their own back, could that mean they are not covered? If that is correct, surely it makes more sense to wait until their hand is forced?

It depends on how you look at it.  If that were the reason, you could definitely make the case they did for the stockholders by getting the insurance money.  One the other hand, with so many other entities overlooking the insurance and canceling events on their own, it could also be seen as not painting the company in the best light.

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