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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-16 14:08:00

Believe it or not, as of today, WWE still intends to move forward with Wrestlemania 36 as a broadcast on 4/5.  However, where the show will be broadcast from remains completely up in the air.  

There are a number of rumors regarding the show, so this is what we know.

*Wrestlemania is taking place in Tampa on 4/5 - It is less and less likely by the day this will be the case due to outside forces as the local government has stated that if WWE didn't cancel/postpone Mania, they would step in this week and make a decision. 

*Wrestlemania is being moved to 3/22 in NYC - As we reported last week, there is nothing to this rumor and now NYC is shut down completely, so there's REALLY nothing to this rumor.

*Wrestlemania is being moved to Saudi Arabia - There is nothing to this rumor. 

*Wrestlemania will take place at the Performance Center before zero fans - There was talk over the weekend this could be the fate of Wrestlemania as a failsafe if everything else fails.  We have confirmed the idea was pitched but we have no idea whether it remains a possibility as of this morning.   If it goes through, it would be a Wrestlemania like never before and one would think WWE would also broadcast the Hall of Fame and NXT Takeover from there as well.

*Wrestlemania will be pushed back to June - There was a 6/7 date rumored among WWE talents last Thursday and Friday, but we have yet to confirm there was anything concrete to this rumor.  We know that there has been a move towards postponing the show in certain circles in the company but Vince McMahon has been said to be adamant that there will be a Wrestlemania on 4/5.  

Obviously, the ripple effect of this leaves a lot of fans and ancillary events, such as Wrestlecon, WWN's WrestlExpo and GCW's The Collective, in stasis waiting to see what is going to happen.  With three weeks to go, stay tuned.



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