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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-16 10:00:00

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OK, we know Wrestlemania as a public event is going to be cancelled, probably by the state.  Would USA and FOX be willing to allow Raw, NXT, and Smackdown to air in their regular spots commercial free and have Wrestlemania from the Performance Center on network television?  This would give Vince 7 hours to have all the matches and would guarantee ratings for the networks.  Florida would be given another PPV down the line and WWE would garner some great publicity and make history.

I actually suggesting doing that exact thing on the site a couple of weeks ago.  At the time, they didn’t have the live audience ban and I thought that they could do the shows at the arenas for the TV shows.  If it were me now?  First I would have to see if I could find a way to make the matches seem less weird without crowd noise.  Maybe pipe some noise in and see if it works.  If I thought I could give it a feel of a real match, I would do it but I would scale it back a bit.  No reason to do every match that would be on Mania, like the Battle Royal.  But having top end matches on the shows should be a draw and it could used to set up Mania if/when it actually happens down the road.

Do you think the independent wrestler has replaced the bikini model when it came to hiring female talents nowadays ever since Triple H replaced John Laurinaitis as WWE's Head of Talent?

Since WWE is hiring wrestlers instead of bikini models, I will go with yes.

I saw Jinder Mahal’s name in a recent Q&A, and it got me thinking…where is he?  Is he medically cleared with “nothing for him” in creative, or is he still recovering from the knee surgery?

He had the surgery last June.  He is either ready to go, or close to it.

I have question that had me wondering for a while. We've seen cars and busses destroyed during a show. Who pays for those damages or do they buy them for the purpose of being destroyed? 

Most of the time they are part of the budget for the show and the destroyer foots the bill.

I understand Dave is the heel of your duo but "HEY WWE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR, DO THE RIGHT THING ALREADY" seemed like a bit much for an opinion article. Doesn't it feel like we're only adding to the fear mongering by quoting the the NBA a league run by idiots and full of people that are even more stupid (flat earthers people) like Ennis Kanter writing "wash your hands" on his shoes spreading fear more. Then he cites Trump who on most days people would tell you that he can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground. I'm not saying we shouldn't be sensible but my question is does Dave feel a responsiblity not to spread fear and paranoia? Your site has many readers that trust you as "wrestling news" source key word being wrestling. Don't you think this personal commentary steps outside of "wrestling news" even if it may affect Mania?

I left your comment as is so people can see it exactly the way you sent it, unedited.  Did you watch Smackdown last week in Florida?  Am I the one “spreading fear” when WWE can’t put a fan in a seat for the show, and won’t be able to tonight for Raw?  Did MLB “fear monger” when they delayed the start of the season.  Did The Masters do it when they canceled their tournament?  Did Vince McMahon himself fear monger when he suspended the first season of the XFL?  No, they all did the responsible thing in lieu of what is going on with the virus.  The problem here is that there are people like you who don’t understand the severity of the virus, like you.  It has a five day incubation period.  People showing NO SIGNS of infection are infecting others.  I could go on, but that isn’t the point.  The point is this.  There is no way the Florida government will allow WWE to pack any fans into Raymond James stadium.  The right thing to do is to cancel the show and allow people who had planned to come in from out of town for it to start trying to get refunds.  I never have a problem standing up for what I think is right and will always do so.  If the truth offends you, I don’t know what I can tell you.

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