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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-15 10:00:00

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With WWE programming running tv at the PC, it looks like they have a small seating area for fans.  Could they let in maybe 50-100 people, like as a first come first serve just to have a little bit of an audience?

From I have been told no, they can't.  That makes it a public event.

Dave, I completely agree with everything you wrote. My only question is this...unlike nearly every sports league and Broadway show out there, WWE is publicly traded. If (and I stress if) the issue is getting an insurance payout for the show, and if getting Hillsborough to cancel it is the only way for that to happen, does WWE have a fiduciary duty to its shareholders to go about it that way?

They could definitely make that assertion, and very well may when (not if) the show gets canceled. With the sell off this week, maybe it could get some people to invest again.  Or maybe it will turn investors off for good.  We shall see.

Does Rob Gronkowski work for FOX?  Asking for my friend Sparky.

Why yes he does.  We should have covered that on The We Don't Need No Stinkin' Name show this week!

Should we hold Tony Khan accountable for all the chairshots to the head?

Absolutely.  He is the boss so when someone creams someone else in the head with a chair, it's on him.  Same for when someone uses the blade.  If/when AEW does shows in front of an empty building those chairshots are going to be sickening loud, if they do them.

We all know and understand that Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year for the WWE and Vince McMahon but do you think Vince will actually shock us and postpone Wrestlemania until it is safe for him to get a Wrestlemania crowd for the show?  Or will he still put on the show and leave us once again shaking our respective heads and utter the words Why Vince Why to each other and to him?  The main things I see getting hit if he still puts on the show is his pocketbook since I honestly cannot see that many people risking their health to see a show even if it is Wrestlemania and having his pride hit since if and when not many people show up and they will have to really get fancy with the camera angles to hide the fact not many are there.

I don’t see any way that show takes place at the Stadium on April 5.  His only option right now is doing it in front of no one at the PC.  All signs point to him waiting until Hillsborough County cancels the show.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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