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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-10 10:00:00

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I know hindsight is 20/20 but do you think Roman Reigns could have become a bigger star(and never get booed) if his Wrestlemania 31 and 32 matches were flipped?  Wrestlemania 31 is his Austin/Hart moment where he could give HHH an ass kicking and and ascend to the top of the upper mid card and Wrestlemania 32 he is able to defeat Brock Lesnar in front of the biggest crowd WWE was able to get for Wrestlemania?

To this day, I don’t get the animus that so many fans felt towards Reigns so it’s hard for me to say.  They loved him in The Shield, then hated him once they broke up.  So it’s hard for me to say if that would have changed.  Maybe it would have made them hate him more.  I am the wrong one to ask about this because I never understood their contempt in the first place, even after many people have given me their explanation.

Jake Roberts on Dynamite was AMAZING.  It was a surprise and like so few, it delivered in spades.  Now, the question is, of course, who is the client?  The names that are most likely, it seems are Luke Harper and Lance Archer.  BUT, what about Cody being the client himself, and it being the turn on Arn to get some killer instinct in Cody? Jake said he wanted Cody’s piece of the pie….maybe by having Cody himself?

To be determined!

I’m wondering how the WWE plans to cope with the advent of the Coronavirus and the intense travel schedule of their Superstars ?

Nothing has been announced as I type this on Sunday but it’s an issue that has been talked about a lot.  At this point part of it will depend on what the airlines and the buildings in the various cities do.  With the NBA and NHL talking about possibly playing games in empty arenas, it may be that WWE has to run shows in them as well.  Luckily from them, by far their largest revenue producer is their TV rights fees so if they have to miss out on live gates, it could be a lot worse for them.  If it’s me, if we get to a place where that happens, I would cancel all non-TV events and just run the shows that need to be run until the virus clears.  If that means driving to shows, so be it.

We can all agree that the right way to end Wrestlemania is with Drew McIntyre winning the WWE championship.  But we have seen how Vince McMahon likes to book Brock and I’m fully expecting the finish of that match to be anything but clean.  Assuming Drew doesn't get squashed by Brock like Ricochet did, what is the worst case scenario you can see them doing where Drew wins but looks weak in the process?  I can absolutely see them having Drew win by fluke, outside interference, or low blow.

Here is the deal, if Drew is going to win, and he should, it HAS to be clean.  He has to score a clean pin on Brock.  Any kind of tainted win would be a disaster and start his reign out behind the eight ball.  He needs to pin Brock cleanly or it will be a huge mistake.  That is provided that he is going to win.

Do you know how much the current owner of the 2300 Arena paid for it?

To the best of my knowledge that was never divulged.

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