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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-09 10:00:00

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So AEW decide to call "the match beyond" by the name "blood and guts". Do you think this is them saying to Vince, who said TNT wouldn't allow blood and guts on TV in this day and age, look we are giving the fans what they want? If we can do it why can't you?

I think if there is any subliminal message it’s probably “We are giving you what Vince McMahon looks down his nose at”.  They are marketing themselves as an alternative.  No matter where you stand on the issues of blood and chairshots to the head, it’s understandable that they are going for something much different than what Vince does.  Doing a version of what he does just makes a company look like a wannabe.

There are generally two agreed-upon "boom periods" in modern pro wrestling: the Rock 'n Wrestling era of the 1980s, and the nWo/Attitude Era period in the late 1990s/early aughts. Do you think there was a subsequent third boom period over the last two decades that could even come close to have rivaled the previous two? As great as the Summer of Punk and the Yes Movement were, I'm not convinced it's happened. Unless, of course, the rise of AEW and the revitalization of the NWA could be the start of one?

I would say no to that one.  There hasn’t been a boom period since the end of the Attitude Era and it will only get harder to have one now.  Back then, there weren’t many options for viewers.  In Hogan’s era, there were the over the air channels.  Later on, there was cable but not to the degree there is now.  With all of those channels, plus streaming options and video games, it will be hard for any genre to get that kind of huge market share again in 2020.

Why do you think the quality of refereeing in AEW has been so consistently shoddy? You'd think that Cody and the Bucks would have heard the criticism by now and worked to fix it.

I’ve got nothing.  The one thing AEW has totally dropped the ball on is fixing the ref issue.  When the announcers have to constantly address the incompetence of the refs, and it’s not in a storyline way, that’s something that Tony Khan should make a top priority to fix.  The buck stops with him.

Do you think that if the creative team were a lot wiser with him than they were last time, Jinder Mahal could possibly have another go as a main eventer? I still admit that his initial push was an intriguing idea, albeit one ruined by terrible and slapdash creative.

It has nothing to do with the Creative Team.  As we say all the time, and Matt Hardy reiterated in the interview that he did with Mike Johnson on Saturday, it all comes down to Vince.  If he wants Jinder to be a main-eventer, he will be one.  That simple.

The 2015 Royal Rumble in Philly, telegraphed that Roman was going to win and the crowd booed him out of the city.  The 2020 Elimination Chamber in the same city, and again Roman telegraphed to win when the fans want someone else.  What are the chances that he again gets booed out of the city by the Philly crowd, and why would they book the exact same scenario like this over again???

As I type this Sunday morning, no match has been made for Reigns at the show.  It’s hard to boo him if he doesn’t appear!  With that said, if he had taken on Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, he would have probably gotten booed.  At least with Goldberg, he has a chance at getting cheered.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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