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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-08 10:00:00

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To me the Elimination Chamber PPV feels like the ultimate filler PPV. When was the last PPV that didn’t have either Heavyweight Title on the line? Also, shouldn’t Bray want a rematch with Goldberg for the title instead of a match w/ Cena at Mania?

Yes, Bray should want his Title back.  It makes no sense that he doesn’t.  Yep, this feels like a filler PPV because, well, it is.  It’s amazing that structure could be viewed that way, but it is.

Will the NJPW stars be able to travel to North America for War Of The Worlds with Corona Virus pandemic going on in Japan? 

All I can say at this point is that it’s to be determined.  This thing is the real deal.

Is there any news re the Hall of fame set for this year? I hated last years in the ring, it took away from (in my opinion) it being a proper ceremony and also due to the Bret Hart attack, I'm hopeful it reverts to type. Any news?

I haven’t heard yet.  I prefer the old school set to the ring myself.

So is it safe to say now that AEW is no longer the new shiny object that people are attracted to and just a show that is preferred over NXT? If not when does it become that in your opinion?

I think it’s fair to say they have settled into their groove and have their audience.  Obviously, some of the people who have tried the first few shows have left so to them, yes it was the new cool thing.  Now I think it’s a promotion with a base.  I hope to see it grow from here but if it doesn’t and it stays where it is, they are in a solid place since they got the TV deal.  It’s really amazing that they became solvent this quickly.

Do you think it might be a better idea to have the O.C take on Kane, Undertaker and Daniel Bryan? Bryan and O.C could carry the work load and Taker/Kane are the nostalgia. It’ll be a reunion of Brothers of Destruction AND Team Hell No.

At this point, I like that idea a lot better than Taker vs. AJ.  With all due respect, I just don’t what to expect from Taker at this point.  I hope we get his best, not the guy who wrestled Goldberg in Saudi Arabia. Plus with Bryan in there, he and AJ could do some serious heavy lifting.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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