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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-06 10:00:00

Do you really think WWE will cancel Wrestlemania due to the coronavirus?

My gut feeling is Vince McMahon will cancel if the local government tells him to, but other than that, there is nothing stopping Wrestlemania from taking place, even if it takes place in front of an empty stadium with fans CGI'd in.

Whatever happened to the guy that tackled Bret Hart?

That is an excellent question and one that I haven't gotten an answer to.  His criminal case record is no longer listed on New York City court records and attempts to call his defense attorney have gone unanswered.  He is not listed as incarcaerated anywhere either, so I don't know any details, but it's something I am trying to follow up on.

Whatever happened to former ECW Champion Steve Corino?  I don't see him at conventions or indy shows or anywhere.

He works as a Producer and Coach for WWE on the NXT brand.  My guess is he's retired for good.

I know this will seem like an evil question, but does anyone still do the wrestling bear gimmick anymore?  Do they still exist?

The last time I can recall one even being advertised it was the late 80 or early 90s.  I think, thankfully, such a thing has run its course and if we are lucky, we'll never see such a thing again.  While the stories of Terrible Ted and such are amazing, I don't think having animals involved is proper and should have ever happened, but it was a different time.

I see a lot of arguing about the best promotion, best match, best styles, etc.  What do you think is the best?

I think I refer to the old Justice League of America team debate comic book fans have.  What was the best version of the book/team?  Pretty much the first version you discovered and fell in love with.  I think pro wrestling is the same way.  Whatever made you happy first is probably what you think is the best ever.  Everyone can have an opinion but only you know what's the best for you.

If there was one female talent you think everyone should be using or paying attention to, who is it?

Leyla Hirsh.  I think she's going to blow up in a massive way.


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