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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-03 10:00:00

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Having watched all of the Broken Skull Sessions now, and with all of the guest thus far being legendary big men I have some questions.  The Undertaker, Kane, and Big Show all talk about learning to work as a big man/giant.  They talk about how athletic they were when they came in and how they were given advice to slow it down and work like a big man.  I get that thought process back in those times, but do you think it still applies today?  In a time where WWE has bigs like Keith Lee who are also amazing athletes?  Shouldn't they show their athleticism?  In NXT we see it, but I think that on Vince's main roster big men are still held back a bit.

It depends on how you look at it.  Is it great to see Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic do what they do?  Absolutely.  For the sake of their body, would it be better for the long term if they did about a tenth of the stuff that they do and still be over?  Probably so.  I have always thought about making money.  I would want to do it as long as possible.  If I could do three big spots a match as opposed to ten and be just as over, I think I would look at the long term.

After watching Smackdown this week, Bruce Prichard's job is surely on the line? Forget the fact they want to have Goldberg vs Reigns which will be boo'd out the building at Wrestlemania, it's the way they get there! WWE Smackdown is a weekly TV show that makes no sense! Roman Reigns walks out and gets a title shot at Mania by winning no qualifying match and in turn  making the Royal Rumble pointless as you can obviously now walk out and get a title shot by asking for one. Add to that, Cena goes from saying hes not having a match to agreeing to one because someone points at a sign. It makes no sense!!!! Who's booking this?

It’s not Prichard’s fault.  He is booking what his boss, Vince McMahon, wants to see.  I totally agree with you, it makes no sense at all to me either.  But it’s what Vince wants, so Bruce gives it to him.  Don’t ever forget Vince is the head booker and has the final say.

Has Baron Corbin's "King" gimmick run it's course?

Since I thought it had a while ago, I will say yes!  Time for something new.

How much did Sinclair buy ROH for?

The price was never divulged that I know of.

So... The Fiend puts over Goldberg to set up a Goldberg/Roman match that didn't need the title involved in it, and nobody wanted to see... OK, dumb idea, but whatever, is what it is... except, the day after, Goldberg shows up, and the Fiend is in the building... and appears on the show... and has no interest in the title? Cena means more than the title? Really? So now... we've had the Fiend lose all heat/momentum putting over Old-berg, and now the title gets s*** on too, because it doesn't matter enough for him to want it back... he'd rather wrestle another past his prime part-timer? I get suspending disbelief and all that, but is it too much to ask for just a modicum of some form of logic in the stories? I mean, they can pull it off in NXT, how is it seemingly just an impossible task for SmackDown and Raw to accomplish even being in close to the same ballpark.

As I said above, it’s all about Vince and what he wants.  I feel your frustration, believe me.  After the Rumble, I was getting psyched for WrestleMania.  They have taken some of the excitement away with what they did on Thursday and Friday.

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