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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-02 10:00:00

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Hey guys, coming off the Revolution PPV that had something for every type of fan IMO, I am really looking forward to the WarGam..*ahem*.. Blood and Guts edition of Dynamite. With that said, are they making a mistake by debuting the match on cable? It feels like the days when WCW was putting PPV quality matches on Nitro... It seems short sighted, yes it will draw viewers, but it's a match meant for creating a spectacular end of feuds.  Also, using it on regular TV takes away from the special feeling of that type of match if they use it on a PPV.  There's a reason why WWE saved Hell in a Cell for special feuds, and  no one really remembers the time it was used on Raw.

I get what you are saying and you could definitely make the argument that doing the match on PPV could get people who won’t spend $50 on the shows now, thinking that they are overpriced in comparison to what people pay to see shows via streams, to actually consider doing so to see that match.  But I also get why they are doing it.  TV revenue is their top money draw right now so it makes sense to try and improve viewership.  If they can get back over a million viewers for that episode, and they keep those viewers, it will make AEW stronger in the long run. In 2020 business is down much differently than it has been in the past.

I’ll try to ask it in a way that doesn’t take up the entire page but can you see any return in the way Brock Lesnar is booked these past 2 years?  He doesn’t have the matches like he used to from 2012-2015 or even the first half of 2017.  His 2014 Mega Aura is GONE. His appearances aren’t popping ratings. He’s not doing anything cool on TV like taking fire axes to cars.  He’s not doing any house shows.  His star making jobs for Roman and Seth failed(though it might work with Drew). From 2018 to now, all Brock does is show up with the belt, look mean, let Heyman talk and then beat someone up.  His “matches” are nothing more than minute long squashes or glorified angles bell to bell.  So I ask again, can you see any return in the way Vince McMahon books Brock the way he books him?

To be honest, I never saw all that much return in having Brock run roughshod over the roster.  I think it made it easy for people to lose interest in the product due to the sameness of how Brock is used, plus the champion not being on Raw for long stretches of time.  I always thought the return could have been when someone finally beat Brock, they would be elevated but it hasn’t really worked out that way.  So, I have nothing!

You may have addressed this at some point but what is WWE (Vince) thinking these days? Goldberg vs. Reigns??? Cena vs. The Fiend??? These are not Wrestlemania matches. After the disastrous Super Showdown, I had hoped they'd come up with something great for Wrestlemania. I'm still waiting. Your thoughts?

In his mind they are.  He thinks he needs to have big names in top positions because Mania is the biggest show of the year.  It could also be that he felt that the fans would cheer The Fiend over Reigns and he didn’t want that.  But I am with you, it doesn’t psych me up for Mania.  I have no issue with the older stars being on the show, but when it’s at the expense of the talent works all year, it’s just crazy to me.  It was made worse by Cena doing the promo where he said he didn’t deserve a spot and wouldn’t take one, then all it took was for Fiend to point at the sign for him to do a 180 and steal the spot he just said he wouldn’t take. It makes no sense to me and frankly makes Cena a heel.  I hope Fiend gets the pop.

While I enjoyed AEW Revolution, one thing stood out as leaving a truly foul taste in my mouth. The question has to be asked: Shouldn't someone tell the bookers that having a babyface (as in: hero) forcing a kiss on a woman is a horrible message to convey to the audience (and I'm not even taking into account that it was a very heelish act by Dustin to do that...)?  We're all not stupid; Mrs. Hager certainly knew what was coming, but it was performed as her absolutely not wanting it & in the wake of #MeToo (and certainly before that as well), that was just so wrong on so many levels in my eyes.

I would never do that if I were booking, but a lot of people look at wrestling differently than I do and have no issue with blood, chair shots to the head, forcing themselves on women, etc.  It’s becoming pretty clear to me that Tony Khan’s booking style is to back 25 years ago.  Hell, he is naming a match Blood and Guts, in 2020.  I think he wants to be like ECW was, politically incorrect.  And I am sure he’s “damn proud of it”.  Time will tell if it’s the right way to go.

With all do respect to future Hall of Famer Chris Jericho, at his young age is MJF the best heel in the business today? How do you book him going forward?

I keep going in the vein that they are now.  Keep him a vile, despicable piece of garbage for as long as it works.  Usually at some point, there will be a moment where the crowd will want to turn him but I wouldn’t make them demand it.  Keep him as he is now.

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