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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-05 10:00:00

Who do you think is Jake Roberts' client in AEW?

Well, Luke Harper is free soon....

Has there been any word on a new season of Total Divas?

Nothing yet.  WWE has a new season of Total Bellas coming this April, but nothing on Divas.]

Where has Tully Blanchard been on AEW?

He still manages Shawn Spears but he is also far and away the most underutilized part of AEW.  I am amazed we still have yet to see Blanchard cut a promo.

WWE seems to put up a smaller amount of content when they do the classic content drops on the WWE Network.  Any idea why?

My guess is they are putting up a smaller amount of hours per classic drop because their data shows doing the bigger drops didn't lead to larger amounts of viewing, so they are using the material more judiciously to stretch the content out.

Why the hell did WWE Super Showdown suck so bad?

Well, such things are always depending on how you view the show personally but there is zero argument the top matches were too short and didn't deliver for anyone outside of the live house in Saudi Arabia. 

I remember a TV show where Ricky Morton joined a band and then quit to be a wrestler.  What was this?

You are probably remembering an episode of Learning the Ropes, an old syndicated series starring the late Lyle Alzado.


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