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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-01 01:02:00

Jon Moxley was busted open when he hit his head on the ringpost during the main event of AEW Revolution.  During a post-show media scrum, Moxley stated that he was seeing triple after he struck the ringpost.  He noted he was probably "half-concussed."

Tonight's PPV was a 100% sellout.

AEW was selling Jon Moxley "I Was There" t-shirts commemorating his AEW Championship win after the PPV.

The two-ring, double cage with a roof match at the 3/25 Dynamite will be titled a "Blood and Guts" match, according to AEW President Tony Khan.  He made it clear there will be zero reference to the match as a Wargames.

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall will be a regular tag team going forward as the Natural Nightmares, managed by Brandi Rhodes.  Brandi was not be as active cornering Cody going forward, leaving him with Arn Anderson full-time.

Colt Cabana is officially signed with AEW and will be working as a wrestler, producer and announcer.  He will still be able to take outside dates.

Jeff Cobb has not signed any contract with AEW as of this writing.

Renee Young was backstage.

I neglected to mention this in my PPV report, but actor Stephen Amell accompanied Cody to ringside for his match.

AEW President Tony Khan declined to comment on the possibility of Matt Hardy coming in.

Yes, that was a real neck tattoo on Cody featuring the Nightmare Family logo.  Brandi Rhodes made it clear during the post-match scrum she wasn't a fan of it -

It was noted during the post-show media scrum that Awesome Kong had been working as a Producer for the women's division but is taking a break from those duties as she is filming the final season of Netflix's GLOW.

Chris Jericho noted that he felt his ring entrance at the PPV was the best ring entrance in his entire career:

Some AEW personalities will be signing tomorrow at C2E2 in Chicago.

AEW broke one million YouTube subscribers over the weekend.


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