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By Dave Scherer on 2020-03-01 10:00:00

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If you’re a WWE guy already lingering in limbo or even one of the guys that threw everything at Bray just to lose, what does a stupid decision like putting the Title on Goldberg do for your morale, and what message does it send the roster when spots at Wrestlemania are being taken up by part timers, the exception is Taker of course?

It tells you that if AEW makes you a serious offer, you really should consider it.  Yep, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins all have to feel great that they gave to the Fiend, only for him to lose like he did to Goldberg.  To make it worse, they have John Cena cut a promo about how spots should be earned and didn’t earn on, and all it took was for Bray to come out and boom, he does a 180.  Yep, if I am a WWE wrestler and AEW calls, I definitely listen.  No doubt.

I remember back in 2000/2001 WWE promoted XFL very heavily on all their programming.   But now there is none.  Just curious as to why?  Is it because this time around they are trying to legitimize it more, where as the first go around was perceived as a clown show.   

Back then, it was partially owned by WWE and part of their empire.  Now, it’s not.  Plus, WWE wants to keep it separate from their business so it doesn’t hurt their stock price as many people think it will fail.

We know that in order for women to be in a match in Saudi Arabia, they have to adhere to certain customs such as wearing full body suits and oversized t-shirts.  What would be the consequences if a woman did not adhere to the clothing customs, such as for example not wearing the large t-shirt over their gear, or if they removed the t-shirt during the match?

I honestly have no idea.  But I also know WWE would never put anyone that would even consider going off script out in front of that crowd.

With Super Showdown behind us, and Goldberg, stupidly, being the one to defeat The Fiend, I just have to ask, why does Vince, seemingly, have so little faith in his roster when WrestleMania season comes around every year, that he sees the need to give most of the top spots to part timers/legends?

He thinks by bringing back the big names, he makes the show special.  I don’t disagree with that, but I do think he is incredibly short sighted in how he does it.  A few years ago, he cut out Kevin Owens’ feet by putting the Title on Goldberg.  This year, he did the same thing to Bray Wyatt.  So if you are a fan that watches once a year, you tune in to Mania, see nothing’s changed and come back next year.  If he showed you “Hey, we have some new, cool top acts” maybe some of those fans stay around.  He does the same thing every year.  I will never understand his thinking.  You can use the legends, for sure.  But you should do it to support your current roster, not at their expense.

AEW clearly likes extreme aspects of wrestling, like blood and chairshots to the head.  Is that a good thing?

It depends on who you ask.  Clearly, some fans love gore and nasty chair shots.  Me?  Not so much since I know the ramifications of both.  But to the people that like it, it’s cool.  And if AEW continues to grow, that is all that matters to them.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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