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By Mike Johnson on 2020-02-29 10:00:00

In the Tip Sheet for AEW Revolutio'n, you sort of stay on the fence for the Moxley vs. Jericho main event.  You say you'd put the belt on Moxley but you expect they'd put over Jericho.  Pick a side Johnson - who's your choice?

OK, fair enough.  I will go with my gut, which is Moxley winning the title.

There's been claims you reported Matt Hardy signed a new deal with WWE but I haven't seen that.  What's the deal?

I never reported that Matt has defintively signed.  What happened is, as often happens, someone pulled a few lines from an audio discussion where I laid out why my gut said that Hardy would remain - including the fact that he has three kids and WWE is a place where he could make a massive amount of money plus the fact that the word making the rounds was there was interest in having him working in the NXT system, all things that would be appealing for someone who is approaching the final run of his career.  Those who claimed I said he signed ignored that I also laid out all the reasons why Hardy going independent would be great for him, including Hardy being a great draw on the independent level as he'd be the only WWE-level name in a time period becoming increasingly bereft of names who can catch the attention of fans.  My gut is Hardy stays, but my gut is just my opinion, not me reporting hard facts.

It certainly appears the Revival are leaving, but if they are, would they be AEW bound?

There's been a lot of talk over the years of Young Bucks vs. The Revival, so if they decide to leave WWE, AEW would be the most likely destination.  Time will tell.  There was a period where Gallows and Anderson were 100% exiting WWE and instead they got a huge increase in their money offer and remained.  Until contracts expire and they exit, anything is possible.

Do you think Jeff Hardy will talk his DWI arrest when he's on WWE Backstage?

Anything is possible, but I don't believe that will happen.

I saw CM Punk wearing a ridiculous mustache in photos from C2E2 - what gives?

I am told that look is part of a film role he's in the middle of shooting.


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