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By Dave Scherer on 2020-02-24 10:00:00

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It was about this time last year that Kofi's mega push towards Wrestlemania began.  Meaning, there is still time for WWE to give a similar push to another long-time wrestler who fans think has been underused for years and is due for a big push.  If they were going to give someone the "Kofi push" going into this year's Wrestlemania, who would you suggest they use in that role?

Actually, I wouldn’t.  Remember, Kofi’s push was not planned, it happened by circumstance.  There are plenty of worthy talents whom I feel have not been used properly.  The reason for that is the head booker has chosen to use that way.  As I sit here today, I am worried that Bill Goldberg on Thursday and then wrestle John Cena for the Title at WrestleMania.  I am more worried about something like that happening than hoping someone who deserves a push will get one.  So, I will just go with the obvious, Drew McIntyre.  He is fantastic and deserves the big push so let’s have him beat Brock Lesnar and show the world how good he is.

Why is that it seems that AEW has tons of angles they start and either finish up with fast or just completely drop all together? Remember when Shawn Spears busted Cody open with that steel chair? Plus he has Tully Blanchard with him! I though that this was the start of some long running feud that would go on for months. A couple of matches and done. We haven’t seen them in months. Now Cody is up against MJF. I wish the build for this was much longer so when MJF finally turns its a real surprise. Kinda like BRUNO/ZBYSKO. What’s with the rushing of story lines? What’s the hurry?

It seems like it because it has happened a lot.  Another one is Brandi Rhodes.  They just dropped that.  Shouldn’t Mel want to beat her up?  I am hoping that the issue is the newness of the company and the fact that Tony Khan has never been in charge of a booking team.  Mistakes will be made, no doubt.  But on the flip side, he’s smart and he will learn.  Plus he has a lot of smart minds working for him that he can learn from.

When NXT wrestlers wrestle for evolve or progress are they paid based on their NXT contract or are they paid separate? Also if they were to get injured would the promotion they were wrestling for cover expenses or WWE?

Usually NXT will cover it as part of their contracts with the talent.  If they got hurt, WWE would take care of that well unless there was an extreme case that I can’t ever remember happening.

As a fan I am as frustrated as Cedric Alexander is on his situation being on the Raw roster. Why don't they just send him to NXT where they can get the most out of his talents?

This is like the question above, a lot of talents are frustrated and I get why.  They work so hard and get to the main roster, only to be misused or not used.  I wish they would send him back to NXT as well.  I am really glad that is now an option for wrestlers.  They can be brought up through the system and stay where they will be used the best.

Why aren't ECW Cyberslam 1999 and 2000 on the WWE Network yet?

WWE probably still needs to get them ready for broadcast.  They don’t drop all of their new content at one time.

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